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Jul 19, 2007 01:41 PM

anything decent around SD convention center?

I am going to be in San Diego for a convention the 4th through 10th of august. but will not have a car and know nothing about mass transit in SD. I know from some of the posts on this board that the convention center area is filled with real touristy restaurants but is there anything good in that area?

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  1. Yes! What are you looking for? Fancy, casual, take out?
    Not sure how far you want to walk but there is good stuff downtown if you look try these:

    Cheese Shop: great sandwiches and breakfast
    Cafe Chloe: Great at all three meal times, my favorite is weekend brunch and dinner
    Oceanaire: Great seafood, $1 oyster happy hour, tasty crabcakes
    Dobson's: Great mussel bisque and nice quiet atmosphere
    Salad Style: Good lunch time sandwiches
    Tin Fish: right across from convention center. Good fish tacos and great people watching!

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      well I'm staying at 500 West which is a little under a mile from there so I figure anything within two miles of the convention center is fine. as far as what I'm looking for, price is no object, Im staying at a cheep hotel just so I can splurge on meals. Definately sit down though, I will be on my feet doing the convention thing all day. and as far as what kind of food I am open to anything, except chains. ;-)

      1. re: willdupre

        That is a good location. I work across the street so my timing estimations are from my walks. Also the trolley stop at 1 American Plaza is right behind you so you can use that to go to the convention center if you don't want to walk and there are tons of pedicabs around.
        You are in luck if you drink coffee--right out in front is Tony's coffee cart.
        He is there M-F from 6am-12 such a great cup of coffee!
        Dobson's is close and is wonderful (I think you will find many recommendations on this board for it!)
        Oceanaire is a ten minute walk from where you are staying and close to the convention center.
        For Cafe Chloe it will be a bit of a walk back--I would say 15 minutes. But a really great place that I would eat at once or twice a week if I could.

        Tin Fish & The Cheese shop are good for lunch.

        Also, I really really like sitting on the deck at the fish market. There are comfy Adirondack chairs and you are right on the water with a view of Coronado. But I do not recommend sitting inside. And focus on their apps I like their calamari and ahi poke the best.

        Oh yah I have not been yet but Anthology (a jazz super club) is getting pretty good reviews (it is a Bradley Ogdon restaurant.)

    2. I strongly second Cafe Chloe and Oceanaire.

      Cafe 222 (literally across the street and a block up from the convention center) has good, cheap breakfast and lunches.

      Palm Restaurant is an old-time steakhouse. Good food and service.
      Fleming's Steakhouse is also downtown. Modern, upscale steakhouse.

      Nordstom's Cafe at Horton Plaza has pretty good casual lunches and dinners.

      Bandar and Sadaf for Persian food (a good walk from the Convention Center).