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Jul 19, 2007 01:36 PM

Heading to Fargo, ND

I'm heading to Fargo, ND in September for a conference, but would also like to find some of the good food i'm sure is out there. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you do a search, you will discover the recommendation that was given to me to eat at Hodo's at the Hotel Donaldson, where we also stayed. We loved our dinner and we thought the hotel was wonderful. Our only regret was that we didn't have more time to spend there.

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      I have not eaten at HoDo but I would definitely go there for the ambience and a glass of wine. For dinner in the same area, try Monte's ( I've had good experiences there both in terms of food and service - and for Fargo, it's an improvement from the host of fast-food it's beautiful inside.

      If you want Greek/Mediterrean, try Santa Lucia by the West Acres Mall.

      For Mexican, you have your choice of chains- Paradiso and Mexican Village, but there is another place DT called Juano's and it's no El Burrito Mercado but they sometimes have great specials.

      For coffee - ATOMIC COFFEE. There are two locations.

      If you want suggestions for more specific types of foods, let me know. Enjoy

    2. I second the Hodo suggestion. I've eaten dinner there a couple times and have found the food very good and ambience unlike anything else in Fargo.

      1. The Red Bear was good. It was a few years ago when we were there though. Better American/Continental fare. Nice big stone building, relaxed atmosphere.

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          I believe the Red Bear closed a year or so ago. Something may have opened in its place, because as you say, it was a beautiful building, but...I'm pretty sure they closed.

        2. thanks, i'll check out those suggestions....perhaps something new has opened in the place of red bear?

          1. Thanks for all your suggestions, reporting back I had martinis at Hodo, but not food and coffee a couple of times at Atomic Coffee which was great. I think the highlight meals were probably at Isabella's (manicotti, but made the 'old fashioned' way with crepes, which I love) and Thai Orchid, which is actually across the river in Moorehead. Perhaps some of the best Thai food I have had. Thanks for the help and suggestions, it was a great visit and Fargo is a delightful city...