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Jul 19, 2007 01:21 PM

Boston train station & statehouse area

I am coming in to Boston briefly at Boston South (main) train station and will be going (probably walking, maybe MTA or taxi) up to the statehouse (capitol) at Beacon & Park and then back. I need to grab a bite to eat, someplace really quick but still tasty--maybe even take out and walk with the food? I prefer ethnic--Asian, Latin, mideastern, eastern European, something like that--or some kind of New England food but would also have whatever. Nothing super expensive or super greasy. Even good baked goods or ice cream, maybe. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. You can angle easily through Chinatown - you can grab a super-cheap banh mi and bubble tea at a number of Vietnamese places - search the board for Banh Mi.

    For supercheap and good falafel, take the redline T from South Station to Park Street and walk a 1/4 block to the Falafel King on Winter Street.

    The Good Life is on the way too, although not in any particular category you listed - sit down.

    For Polish food, Cafe Polonia is easily accessible by the redline T (Andrew Square - 2 stops), but going away from the State House.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      Thanks for the info. I won't have time to take the T any place. I have to eat en route between the train station (Boston south/main station) and statehouse. Chacarero sounds good, but where exactly is Chinatown? I'm afraid I don't know Boston well. Also, where is Good Life? Also, anything right at the train station, in case I'm really pressed for time? Thanks again.

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        Good Life is about a 10 min walk from South Station, on Kingston St. Chinatown is a 5 min walk, go out the front door and head a little the left and you almost can't miss it. There's an Au Bon Pain, fast food court and a Clarke's sit down restaurant right in the train station. If you're coming at not prime lunch time, Chacarerro is a good bet for quick cheap eats and something you can't get everywhere else.

    2. If you go through Downtown crossing you could stop at Chacarero. If you are not familiar with Chacarero it is a Chilean sandwich on soft roll with a combination of green beans, grilled chicken or beef, avocado spread, sliced tomato, muenster cheese and hot sauce. Not everyone thinks it is worth the (potential) wait but I think it is good and very unique. They have two locations (supposedly until 7/31). There is one on the side of the Filenes building on the corner of Washington and Franklin and the new and soon to be only location on Province Street.

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      1. re: JWR

        Good call. That's definitely the right answer!

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          I think the burger and fries at Radius are great.

          I'd also be inclined to check out the bar at KO Prime and order a sandwich.

      2. Just reporting back: I went to Chacarero, the newer place on Province St. I LOVED it! What a yummy treat, and inexpensive too. I had the BBQ chicken Chilean sandwich, and how cool it even has green beans. Very inexpensive. I imagine it gets quite busy but I got there early and had no problem being served, may have been the first one!