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Jul 19, 2007 01:20 PM

El Compadre

We're having a going away lunch at El Compadre (7408 W. Sunset). Any Chowhound advice? Please say it's a good place to eat.

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  1. Cannot lie, it is awful. El Torito is better. Seriously.

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    1. The food isn't that great but I still like to go there occasionally for the vagabundo and a couple flaming margaritas.

      1. I went there once and had the most spicy dish I have ever eaten (or not eaten, to be exact). I had to toss it.

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        1. re: WildSwede

          Look, one doesn't go to El Compadre for the food. One goes for the low key Echo Park location and whatever measure of convenience going affords. If you plan to drink, the flaming margaritas offer a fun presentation at something like $7.50 a pop. If you must eat there I recommend a fairly innocuous dish like enchiladas. They also have a side dish of potatoes with chorizo which frankly is not bad. I surmise this is not a foodie dinner. For somewhat better food for at an LA-style Mexican diner, go down the street to Barragan's where they have good fish tacos that are usually on special at lunch, a really good chicken tostada salad (the marinade is very tasty!), a solid chile relleno and, of course, highly drinkable margaritas, among other perfectly digestible fare. None served under the pretense of catering to picayune foodies! I live in humble Echo Park so I have frequented both these places - conserving petrol and time and putting money into my local economy - and I've had good times and some perfectly fine food. Of course, I'd choose Barragans over El Compadre.

          1. re: Vikzen

            I always ask for the Flaming Margarita without the flame. After all, at $7.50 a pop I don't want them burning off all the alcohol. :-)

            1. re: Vikzen

              Yeah I like Barragan's over El Compadre. I do like the dark interior of El Compadre but Barrigan's has $2 margaritas on wednesdays.

              1. re: Vikzen

                Dissenting vote for Barragans. Cannot imagine anyone liking that food, which reminds me of El Coyote on a bad day.
                I have had the lengua (tongue) several times at Compadre, and it is quite tasty, as are the margaritas, flaming or not. The standard items are fairly similar to all those competitors nearby - meaning chavo, conquistador, etal.
                Don't get me started on the Acapulco/Torito/Chevys chain - talked about overpriced and overrated - ugh!

                1. re: carter

                  Well you obviously haven't had the fish tacos or the chicken tostada salad! Please do not get started! As with all of these places the menu can be hit or miss; it's just a local joint. If you don't live in the neighborhood, there's no reason to come. I've seen someone lap up the lengua at El Compadre too - not my thing!

                  Barragan's also has Taco Mondays in addiiton to their margarita night. And the staff are very pleasant!

                  1. re: carter

                    I can't change the location, I'm just joining the party.

                    You know what, I've had a tongue sandwich before and I liked it a lot. I never cooked tongue at home and feel sort of funny ordering it. Maybe I'll be brave and try it at Compadre. The potatoes with chorizo sounds good. And enchiladas are something I always like.

                    What is vagabundo?

                  2. re: Vikzen

                    What's obviously overlooked is the location.

                    The OP is talking about the EC in WeHo, NOT Echo Park. I doubt they're interested in moving the party 7 miles east to Barragans.

                    Regarding the EC in WeHo, I've recently had a delicious burrito there and their regular margaritas are killer. I've also had bad food there about 6 years ago (I don't go there often).

                    To the OP: Order a carne asada burrito and a regular margarita or two. I had it for lunch a month ago and was very full and happy.

                    1. re: Vikzen

                      last time i went to barragans, they didn't de-vein the shrimp - GROSS! i really haven't been able to bring myself to go back. so - el compadre is my choice.

                      none of their traditional cal-mex things are bad - 2 tacos / 2 enchiladas / 1 taco, 1 enchilada, etc. i've seen the asada steak and it looked ok.

                      plus - i love the vibe at el compadre. much more chill + mariachi.