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Jul 19, 2007 01:11 PM

Inexpensive near Sacramento Convention Center?

Hi! We'll be there for a meeting Friday and Saturday and looking for something nearby (preferably walking distance since we're staying at the Hyatt) for an inexpensive dinner afterwards...possibly might be later in the evening. Ethnic is good, but DH wants to go inexpensive (read: cheap) and casual. Most of my Sacramento dining in the last 10 years has been in the Fulton/Watt Ave corridor, so downtown suggestions gratefully received!

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  1. How about these?

    Amarin Thai, 900 12th St.
    Hamburger Mary's, 1630 J
    Mother India Buffet, 1030 J
    Crapeville, 1730 L.

    Or, dump your cheap husband and go on your own.

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    1. re: PeterL

      Mother India is now a Mexican buffet that may or may not be open for dinner (avoid unless you like chiles rellenos, which aren't half bad)...and Hamburger Mary's is now Hamburger Patti's...same place, but lost the franchise, or something like that.

      I like the Rubicon (20th & Capitol - brew pub) or Streets of London (18th & J - English-style pub).

      1. re: ricepad

        Ditto on the ten dollar meal in town. AlsojJacks Urban Eats and Paesanos are good and close. All on Capitol Ave beween 19th and 21st.

      2. re: PeterL

        No, dumping him isn't an option :-) We are saving our $$ for a vacation later in the summer, and the stay at the Hyatt is being done on points. What is Crapeville?? (what a funny name...I read it as if there were no e and thought "that's no name for a restaurant :-)

        1. re: janetofreno

          It's actually Crepeville. Don't know if the mispelling was intentional or not, but that's what I call it, cause it's mostly crap. If you do go, make sure to sub a half salad for the super nasty potatos that come with everything, it's a buck more but well worth it. I enjoy the Fuji salad and the fruit salad quite a lot.

          I second the Rubicon, you get to sit outside, a plus in Sac.

          Also, Zen Sushi, Buckhorn Grill, Tres Hermanas...

          1. re: janetofreno

            Haha funny. It's actually crepeville. Misspelling unintentional. It's actually not bad for a cheap quick lunch and/or dinner place.

        2. If you can get away from the meeting early enough, try Kabul Kabob at 8th and J, Afghani food and a fairly short walk from the Hyatt (they close early apparently, I've only been for lunch). I think you'd like it.

          May be a little more expensive than you want, but I enjoyed Zocalo. (upscale Mexican). Just don't get your expectations too high. Might be good for a drink and a snack at the bar. Wish I could find a really good Mexican place downtown. I've been to Tres Hermanas mentioned above and think it is ok, but again, nothing really exciting (cheaper than Zocalo though. Both are walking distance from the Hyatt if you don't mind a few blocks).

          However, if it were me, I'd get in the car, and go check out Tuk-Tuk Thai Restaurant. Not that far from downtown,(Natomas area). Haven't been, but it sounds great, and I have it on my list to stop off at soon. It would also be a good option coming to or from Reno, since it isn't far off 80.

          I thought Crepeville was a chain, but I could be wrong.

          Have fun!

          Kabul Kabob
          729 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

          1801 Capitol Ave., Sacramento, CA 95814

          1. Within walking distance you have decent Mexican food (Vallejo's at 13th & O), a couple of Thai places (Gaesorn at 9th & K is my favorite, but there's also Amarin at 12th & I), and an English pub (Streets of London, 18th & J).

            If you're up for a long walk or a short drive, head over to the other side of the Capitol City Freeway. My favorite cheap dinner anywhere is at Pho Bac Hoa Viet, and they have an outpost on Broadway just west of 19th Street. There are also a number of other Asian cusines well represented on the same stretch of Broadway: Thai (there are two places next door to each other around 17th; I like the one that's further east), Chinese (try Fortune House at 12th or New Station Seafood Restaurant at 18th), and Japanese noodles (Edokko at 17th).

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            1. re: alanbarnes

              Fortune House is good. New Edokko sold and did poorly so they went belly up. It is now Mana and they are actually quite good. They were my favorite place on Arden/ Alta Arden before the sushi chef/ owner was murdered. I do like Vallejo's as well at bothe the 13th and O location and the 4th and S street spot. I have eaten at New Station but I just don't know what the attraction is.

              1. re: dimsumgirl

                the attraction at New Station is solid and cheap Chinese. We usually order the $20 family dinner, enough food to feed 4. The beef brisket stew is one of the best in Sacto. Other dishes are good if unspectacular.

                1. re: PeterL

                  The Singapore noodles are also decent, if not memorable. The best thing about New Station is that you can pick a fish from the tanks in back and they'll steam it for you without breaking the bank.

            2. So here's our update:

              We had dinner at Amarin Thai. Our starter, one of the vegetarian salad choices (with jelly noodles, cashews, and cucumbers) was delicious. I would go back and just have that. We also had satay, which was ok, and pud thai which was forgettable. The meat in both the satay and the pud thai (chicken) was overcooked. OK but other than the salad I wouldn't make a special trip. I suspect that their vegetarian items are the way to go.

              As far as DH is concerned, the "find" of the weekend was the Bread Store, on J st (1716 J). It has a bit of a new age feel to it, and the staff are all young and multi-pierced and maybe could work a little faster .....but nice tables to sit outside (at least at lunchtime both Friday and Saturday the temperature was quite bearable...) and everything definitely is made with care.

              DH had the pastrami sandwich (on rye with good sourkraut) both days he ate there. If he ate pastrami two days in a row you know it was good. I had the bread salad with a bowl of clam chowder on Friday, and an excellent blt on Saturday. Check it out for a tasty lunch. You order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. They also sell baked goods, of course. All of the bread is apparently made on premises.

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              1. re: janetofreno

                thanks for the update and I am glad you hit good weather. The Bread Store wasn't on my radar, and I always can use more lunch options near the Capitol and convention center.