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Jul 19, 2007 12:49 PM

Portuguese Paella Near Newport

Will be staying in Newport, RI for a few days soon. Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to get good paella for lunch either in Newport or a car ride away? Thanks.

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  1. The only place I can think of is Spain in Narragansett but it's been getting panned on the boards lately. I ate there last March and had a decent seafood meal, but I didn't try the paella. My guess is that some of the portuguese restaurants in Fall River would venture into paella. You might try a search for some of the recent threads.

    1. I've been to Spain and strongly advise against going there. The restaurant does have paella but you can make a better one at home. It is more like Disneyworld's version of a Spanish restaurant.

      1. The Cheeky Monkey will be (re)opening in Narragansett soon. They have posted the menu on their web site, and it includes a seafood paella for $32. Here's the url with a link the menu.

        1. The paella at Spain was downright HORRID last summer (had it 10 yrs ago and it was great then). Also terrible at Trattoria Simpatico in Jamestown. I'm guessing that Cheeky Monkey would do a good paella - I'll have to try that.

          Bivalve's right.....probably somewhere in Fall River.

          1. I had the paella at the Amalfi in Narragansett a few years ago. It was quite good.