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Jul 19, 2007 12:48 PM

Mio Kitchen & Wine Bar -- Aspinwall

Does anyone have expierence with MKWB? Chef/owner (Matthew Porco) highlights his time at Veritas in Manhattan.


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  1. My Husband and I ate dinner at Mio Kitchen & Wine Bar on Wednesday (7/18). The entire place is beautiful. The staff was friendly, knowledgable, and well educated in both the food and wine. The entire resturant is modeled after Veritas- Chef is unashamed to say so. About 55 seatsplus the bar, and for a Wednesday night, mostly full. Forweekends I suggest making reservations and checking OpenTable, the last 2 weekends they'v'e had to turn away about 30 reservations each night. Chef graces each table with a little gift- Amuses-bouche, just enough to whet the pallete. A few other nice touches- Lou (our server) filled my wine glass with out asking what I had, he asked the bartender. Also, Chef came to our table and knew who we were before he spoke to us(nice touch Chef). As for the food, Chef favors Italian-American fine fusion, with a hint of French influence. He offers 3 courses, and will soon be featuring a tasting menu. The plating and flavors lean towards the Italian-American with smiple yet elegant layers of rich earthy ingredients. If you look closly there are hints of French influences, but never stronger than in the dessert menu. rich sauces and innovative pairings- such as the fresh peach and sweet corn creps with corn ice cream. My scallops were slightly under cooked, but all in all the meal was done well. Give Chef another 6 months to work out all the kinks (he's still short 1 hot apps cook in the kitchen by his on admonition) and Mio will be the jewel of the East suburbs.