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Jul 19, 2007 12:34 PM

Sushi around NoLita cheap - mid price

Not Mottsu. I live upstairs from the place and its too easy for me to go down and take out. However the sushi is just soso and the pieces are small and value is not so great.

Anything else within delivery distance? Requirements.

$35 maximum for a meal for a full grown man. That'd be about 2 rolls, and around 6-8 pieces of sashimi consisting of the basics - salmon, tuna, snapper, eel.

There's a bunch of those tiny takeout places with 3 seats, I've always been cautious of them but I'm starting to think I should drop that attitude.

Anyone been to the tiny place on East 4th between Bowery bar and Swift pub? It's not too scary looking. And no rec's for Yama. Thanks but no thanks.

Does Tomoe suck now? I haven't been in years. Does Ushiwakamaru deliver?

OK enough annoying requirements.



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  1. Esashi is's not quite Nolita, but it's worth the extra trek:

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    1. Marumi on Laguardia near West 3rd is my standby for that area. Solid, reasonably priced sushi and also very nicely done cooked dishes. I don't know if they deliver, I've often picked up take out from them.