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Jul 19, 2007 12:30 PM

Best cheap lunch near Union Station

I'm pretty bored with the lunch offerings near Union Station. I've had good omelets at Dubliner, fresh sandwiches at Phillip's, and OK pad thai at the restaurant on the top floor of Union Station. Any hidden gems?

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  1. How about some of the stalls inside Union Station itself?

    I usually go to the big salad place and get their cesar salad. There is also another gourmet salad place where you can get cold noodle salad, cesar salad, bean salad etc. It's pretty good for what it is. And their sushi place isn't 1/2 bad for cheap lunch sushi.

    And then there is the place that makes the deli sandwiches. That's good if you are looking for lunch AND dinner because the sandwiches are so huge.

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      I've had the nicoise salad at the salad place, but there's too much white/iceberg lettuce. I read from others that Taqueria Nacionale is promising but inconsistent -- dry/cold tacos. Bistro Bis and White Tiger are pricey, and White Tiger is far (I'm NW). I guess I should give the food court another go. Someone said the soup is good. Anyone agree?

      1. re: aya

        How about the German restaurant a little past White Tiger? I think it's called Berliner or something along those lines.

        I haven't eaten there in a really long time but when I lived in the area (about 4+ years ago) I would have dinner there at least once a month. Yummy and not too expensive. Might be a little further down...but not too far past White Tiger.

    2. Based on the restaurants you're recommending, I'm assuming you don't mean "cheap" as in under $5, but more of an inexpensive restaurant.

      My recommendation is White Tiger's lunch buffet.

      For under $10 you can enjoy a variety of items off their all-you-can-eat Indian buffet. There are always several vegetarian options, and they bring the naan to your table fresh out of the oven.
      Of course if you're not a buffet person, you can order off their menu as well.

      White Tiger
      301 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

      1. I always walk to Chinatown and eat there It isn't very far, maybe a 10 minute walk, down Massachusetts Av across the highway, then left a couple of blocks. I eat at Eat First (upstairs; the fat Singapore noodles or the claypot pork and eggplant--it's on the menu in the plastic thing on the table) or Chinatown Express (delicious noodles with pork--in the window).

        1. Ditto on White Tiger. If you like burgers, try the one at Station Grill, on the main floor of union station near the metro entrance. The German place is called Cafe Berlin--not my favorite, but German is not my line. Maybe try the all-you-can eat pizza at Armando's, or try Billy Goat's, just 'round the corner from Dubliner.

          1. Have you tried Soup in the City inside Union Station?