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Jul 19, 2007 12:24 PM

Hank's Oyster Bar - Dupont Circle

Has anyone been? Is it any good? I'm hoping to go around 9:30 tonight. Is it usually packed at that time? They don't take reservations and I'm not sure I want to wait for a table at 9:30 at night.


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  1. its very good, but it is very small, you should be prepared to wait, though 9:30 on a Friday might just miss the big crowd.

    1. Hank's Oyster Bar is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Their lobster roll is especially good as well as most of their fish specials (although their chicken schnitzel was delicious and HUGE. I had lunch for the next day).

      There might be a slight wait tonight but its looking kinda rainy and most people like to sit outside there so you might be ok. Certainly will be missing the dinner rush, so that's good.

      Sometimes I call ahead of time and say I'm walking over right now and see if they'll let me put my name in.

      1. definitely get the cheesy mac or mac and cheese or whatever they call it. its great.

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        1. re: jimmy123

          Yes...its a really good side. I also like their sesame snap peas...surprisingly good!

        2. I've only been once to have the oyster po boy. I thought it was well below average. I much prefer the same at Black Salt.

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          1. re: Steve

            OMG - The food is horrible, worst brunch and lunch in the city. On top of that, the service is NONEXISTANT! I have eaten here three different times with the exact same results...never again will I waste money at this horrific establishment.

            If you dont know good food, setting or money show up at 930

            1. re: ctp114

              Wow! That's the first review I've heard of Hank's like that. I have always had exstremly friendly service. They are knowledgable and personable. The food is wonderful. It's not overly complicated but what they do they do well. Just my opinion. But then again it's one of my favorite neighborhood restaurant. I think this is because I'm originally from Boston and something about it reminds me a little bit of home when I'm homesick.

              1. re: Elyssa

                We went for the first time last week and came away thinking that it's the sort of neighborhood spot that most neighborhoods would envy. Cf. 2 Amy's; Colorado Kitchen. Service was very accommodating, freindly, and efficient. There was a convivial neighborhood vibe -- everyone there seemed happy and relaxed. And some of the menu items, although not spectacular, were very well-executed versions of things that are often tired or ordinary these days. In particular: the kumamoto oysters; the caesar salad with great anchovies; the fried shrimp and calamari bucket; and the scallops. The sable special was good, not great.

                I'd definitely return at least a couple of times to get a better feel for the strengths of the menu.

                1. re: MartyL

                  The only thing I've had there that I didn't like was the fish and chips. I went a few weeks ago for brunch. First of the fish was HUGE...almost too big. Didn't leave room for the chips. And there was almost too much fried covering/ was hard to get to the fish. But other then that..the fries were so good and everything else i've had there I've loved.

                2. re: Elyssa

                  Well, here's the second one. Every time I've gone, I've thought the servers must be stoned. Consistently terrible service. I always feel ignored. Ever been at a restaurant and had to go to the bar (twice) to get your own cutlery, then again for mustard you'd asked for twice?

                  Personally, I'm never going back there. Y'all can have it.

                  1. re: EricDC

                    I'm so surprised to hear this because I return so often because I like the staff so much. Given I usually sit in the same guys section and we get along really well. But there have been a half dozen times when I've been in other sections, even waitresses in training, and had good service.

                    Everyone has a different experience though.

                    Also I tend to not go there on weekends (its usually too busy).. That might have a lot to do with it.

            2. My experience there was underwhelming. It's not a place where I would tolerate a very long wait. My food was pretty bland. Maybe it was an off night, or what I ordered...but I haven't been able to convince myself to go back.