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Jul 19, 2007 12:22 PM

Bday dinner - need help

Hi, need help deciding where to go for a birthday dinner. Blue Hill, Picholine, Eleven Madison Park or Le Cirque - any comments/specific dining experiences are greatly apprecicated. Thanks!!

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  1. What is the age range? How many people in your party?

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      2 ppl, both 30. We are both passionate about food! =)

    2. my parents took me to 11 Madison for my birthday last week and it was great!

      I had the frois grass, which I must admit was not my favorite, although very rich and smooth and buttery, I prefer it seared to moose-like and it was complicated to eat, with lots of options of spreading. My parents both loved there appatizers, the tuna tartar and the scallops.

      I loved loved loved the lobster lasagnia. The lobster was almost under done and so sweet and tender, with large noodles, artichokes and yummy lobster infused broth. My parents were equally excited about their fish dishes.

      Desserts were lovely with the light fluffy peach souffle, the rich chocolate tart and the cheese tray. (great cheeses)!

      I was not crazy with my silly chamaigne drink which was too sweet, but I liked the reesling that complimented my food very well. The service was great, friendly and polite without being overbaring, the room is lots of fun, and we got cherry loafs to take home.

      BTW I am celebrating my birthday with a friend tomorrow at Blue Hill!

      1. Definitely Blue Hill. I haven't been to EMP, which always gets good notices on this board, but I prefer Blue Hill to the other two. Outstanding, fresh food, simply prepared to bring out its best flavors, great service and a nice wine list. It's definitely not as showy as Le Cirque, but the food and value are far superior.