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Jul 19, 2007 12:20 PM

Eiffel Tower Vegas-any updates?

Writing from Chicago: just came into some Lettuce gift certificates, would like to use them on a nice dinner for our anniversary. I have a reservation at Eiffel Tower (which I can cancel in the next week or so) for our final night in Vegas Thursday 8/2.

I'm not reading great stuff about this place, but nothing I've found is newer than one year old. I've always enjoyed Everest in Chicago, don't expect this to be that good but is it really awful or just overpriced? And since it's 100 degrees can my husband get away without a jacket?


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  1. does Lettuce own the Eiffel tower rest.? I had no idea.

    1. We were there about two months ago. Yes, the men were all wearing jackets. I LOVED it - and I'm hard to please and not easily impressed. For example, I found Mix (Mandelay Bay) pretentious, over-priced, and unsatisfying in its culinary efforts despite the over-the-top decor. The atmosphere at Eiffel is wonderful, but do go when it's dark and get a window table so you can enjoy the spectacular view. The service was impeccable and all our servers were knowledgeable, helpful, and completely un-snooty. Hubby and I disagreed somewhat about the food. He'd give the food a seven to a seven and a half out of ten, and I'd give it a nine. All factors considered, nine out of ten is not unreasonable. I say to keep your reservations. Oh, if you have time, try to get to Rosemary's. It's a 50-dollar cab ride away off the Strip, but absolutely not to be missed.