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Jul 19, 2007 12:02 PM

Great Vietnamese In or Around Boerum Hill?

I'm not talking about bahn mi parlors. Is there a good Viet restaurant anywhere within walking/biking distance of Boerum Hill? I've tried the pho at Mai, and that's not going to do it for me.


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  1. Alas, no. I shed many tears when Cambodian Cuisine closed; since then there's been nothing (and Faan, on Smith Street, is less than nothing). I don't know how far you bike, but I've always found Gai Lon/Bik Bay (I'm not sure what the real name is; one is on the menu and one is out front) worth the trip. It's on 8th Ave in Sunset Park, somewhere in the high 50s.

    1. I think you'll need to go out to Brooklyn Chinatown in Sunset Park. Not much good Asian food of any sort in the area you're talking about. The banh mi places, in fact, are about the best.

      1. MAI on Atlantic Avenue has EXCELLENT food. while it is not strictly Vietnamese, the owners are Vietnamese and Malaysian. Mai is at 497 Atlantic Avenue between Nevins and 3rd Avenues.

        1. also, there is a very good Vietnamese sandwich shop - Nicky's - at 311 Atlantic Avenue between Smith and Hoyt.

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            You really didn't read my question through, did you?

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              word is Nicky's is going to be serving Pho soon.

          2. Avoid Faan at all costs. Maybe the worst asian meal I have ever had in NYC.
            Any fast food chinese restaurant with a bullet proof plexi-glass partition would have been better.
            My friend described her mussle dish as similar to gnawing on the sole of a old rubbery shoe, and the broth was like dishwater.
            The grenn papaya salad was not green papaya salad. It was more like shredded jicama in a vinegar water sauce. And the shrimp sate was vomitous . . . in place of peanuts or a peanut sauce, was a slimy gelatanous brown sauce which would have been better at "No Pork Halal" on the corner of 4th ave and Dean. Wow.