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Hudson Valley restaurant suggestions?

Hi, my wife and I will be taking a day trip from Manhattan this Saturday visiting the Millbrook and Rivendell Wineries (I think these are rated high in the area?).

If anyone has suggestions on breakfast/brunch suggestions near Millbrook vineyards, since we'll be visiting there first or on the way North that would be great!

Also, if anyone has recommendations for romantic waterside dining for dinner it would be greatly appreciated. I have a few in mind, but not sure how good they are....just based on what i could find online....

Newburgh - Torches on the Hudson, Blue Martini, Cena 2000

Valley at the Garisson

Harvest on the Hudson

I'm not too familiar with the area, since this is is our first time travelling north.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi,
    I've never been to Millbrook, but on the map it looks like it's farther north than New Paltz where the Rivendell winery is and on the other side of Hudson river. There is a whole network of wineries around New Paltz, why not make that side of the river your day trip and save Millbrook for later? Here is the site for the wineries and a map: http://www.shawangunkwinetrail.com/

    New Paltz (or neighboring communities) is a great place to start your day with breakfast/brunch - there are a lot of recs on this board, just search for New Paltz here.

    Also, if you want to finish day with romantic dinner in a spectacular setting, try Mohonk mountain house (haven't eaten there but the scenery is breath-taking). here is their site mohonk.com

    1. Harvest on Hudson is in Hastings and nowhere near the area you are tallking about, in saying that I'm not exactly sure what is near Millbrook, is that in Dutchess County? Valley at Garrison is in Putnam County (definitely call first because they seem to open on a limited basis), the ones in Newburg are in Orange County but it's a nice area to visit down by the waterfront. OK I just looked it up and Millbrook is in Dutchess County, north of Poughkeepsie and none of those restaurants are particularly close to that area. But someone mentioned Aroma Osteria in Wappinger Falls on a thread I started http://www.chowhound.com/topics/421306 and actually I have been to this restaurant and it is very good and right on Rt. 9 south of Poughkeepsie.

      1. Thanks so much for the suggestions so far! We were planning to drive to Millbrook first, then drive over to Woodstock, have some lunch walk around. Then travel back south to New Paltz and visit Rivendell wineries. Then continue south and have some dinner either at the waterfront restaurants in Newburgh, Valley at Garrison or Harvest on the Hudson and then make our way back to Manhattan.

        Welle, I think I might take up your suggestion and stay around New Paltz and visit a few wineries there, instead of travelling to the other side of the river to Millbrook. Again, I'm not too familiar with the area, any other wineries you suggest nearby Rivendell?

        Thanks again!!

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          I've only been to Rivendell (they seem to be the largest in that area), but I'm sure others are nice too. There are tons of farms, farmstands in the area and with apples and peaches in season - I'm sure you'll have a full day on your hands. The area has beautiful, but very accessible hiking in Minnewaska park and Mohonk lake preserve. Trust me you will have a full day. I would save Woodstock for a later full day trip as well - you can drive to nearby communities in Catskills, do some hiking, nature-walking, visit the original Woodstock site (it's not in Woodstock), and then get to Woodstock downtown in the afternoon for shop/gallery walking and people-watching. To stay on topic, Joshua Cafe seem to be widely popular on these boards and on weekends very hard to get a table.

        2. I'm not familiar very much with the area you're talking about. But I have been to Torches on the Hudson (in Newburgh). As a nyc-er, I thought the food was barely so-so. But the views were lovely. We strolled outside for a while after our lunch and thoroughly enjoyed that part (the food notwithstanding). If others recommend something better, take their suggestions.

          1. you guys are great! thanks so much for all the feedback, you've been really helpful. i think the final plan is to take the day and spend it on the SWT wine trail, and then head to one of the places nearby for dinner. Based on how tired we are....hehe.

            Thanks again!

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              a little late...

              first - millbrook winery - i didn't care for it much (prefer dessert or sweeter wines), and a friend of mine who is the opposite of me (rioja, reds, and others like that) didn't either...thought the wines were too dry and some other stuff. great views, no desire to go back. but if you DO go there, go to clinton vineyards which is right near there and has great dessert wines.

              however...if you go to the other side of the river...rivendell is a nice winery, i'd suggest going to baldwin in pine bush. they have dessert wines, the strawberry one has won awards and their new apple one is packed with apple flavors. it's NOT high end wines, but i like 'em. and they're having little chocolate/dessert samplings with the wines...it's $10, or free if you buy 6 bottles i think. (bottles are about 12 each). they have a website...

              if you're planning as stated, i would offer up this suggestion...

              go to new world home cooking for lunch in woodstock, walk around the town, take the back roads down to new paltz, check out rivendell, baldwin and one of the other vineyards in that area (new paltz or pine bush). before going to baldwin, go to village market and bakery (in gardiner, http://www.villagemarketandbakery.com/) and get one of the cream cheesecakes to bring home (bring a small cooler, too?) - original stuff which i don't think anyone in nyc is making. pop out on route 84, cross the river, and go to beacon to tonique (right off 84, maybe 1/2 mile off, i think first exit once you cross the hudson). walk down to beacon creamery and grab some jane's ice cream for dessert, wander to the train station for a view of the hudson. then, take 84 over to whichever way you want to go back to the city.

              hope that helps...just my views...

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                Gchhada, would love to hear your trip report! thanks.

              2. There's a pretty good Mexican restaurant on Rte 44 or 55 (I mix these route numbers up) near where it crosses Rte 82 by Millbrook, called El Puerto Azul (The Blue Door). Though it's in a shopping plaza, it's quite a nice place inside, a bit pricey for Mexican. They have an excellent plaintain appetizer and very fine flan.

                There are some good restaurants in Rhinebeck, esp Agra Tandoori (Indian) just south of town (best to have dinner on non-buffet nights) and Aroi, a new Thai place (get pad thai, masaram curry, and thai iced tea). Terrapin is good too, expensive on one side but better on the other, and outside.

                I do not like New World cooking in Woodstock (though it's some time since I've been there).

                1. Am I too late? Monteverde restaurant on bear mountain. a must try...AND must see

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                    Just to clarify. I checked out the website because this restaurant has been mentioned a few times recently. The restaurant is on Bear Mountain Bridge Road, on the east side of the Hudson, not on Bear Mountain, which is on the west side.

                    1. re: Leslie

                      Apparently there is new management and a new chef at Monteverde. I don't know if anyone has reported on them but so far as I am concerned it cannot be anything but good news.

                      On the other hand, for a pretty much guaranteed great view (from the bar or patio) and great food, go a few miles north on Route 9 and eat at Valley in Garrison (mentioned in the first post).

                  2. I love the Rivendell Winery. The aforementioned Baldwin in Pine Bush does have excellent fruit wines as well.

                    My husband and I spent our honeymoon in New Paltz. We did not eat at a single bad restaurant there. However, we have been married 6 years, so I don't know if the ones we ate at are still around (Bacchus, The Loft, The Gilded Otter Brewpub, and a red sauce Italian place whose name I can't remember were among some of the ones we tried). We had dinner at the CIA one night. It was a 30-minute trip, but worth it. We went to the Italian restaurant, Caterina DeMedici. Alhtough I didn't eat there, the owner of the B&B where I stayed recommended the DePuy Canal House.

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                      i believe bacchus and gilded otter are still there; italian place, locust tree? though i think those owners went back to italy. markp is the local newpaltz guru...

                      my wife and i have reservations at depuy this sunday, we got a sitter and all. i'll be posting about it at some point this week...

                      1. re: bob gaj

                        Beso is the place to go in New Paltz. Its upscale with an inventive chef who prepares very filling and delicious meals. i had a charbroiled rib steak in a balsalmic reduction sauce with a small equisite mac and cheese cassorole and sauteed brussels sprouts. They have a good wine list. ZD chardonnay for example. Bacchus is just horrid, a hangout place for the college crowd. The food was almost not edible.

                        1. re: pof

                          mmmm, Beso. Everything is so-oo-oo good. (It's where The Loft used to be, basically one door down from the stoplight in downtown New Paltz) Went there for snackydoodles on Friday night in the cozy little bar in back. We split a porcini crusted filet mignon, the sauce was wonderful with all these little plump yummy shroomies. But everything on the menu is amazing. I usually get the calamari appetizer, seared scallops or a steak, and get one of Tammy's decadent, swoon-worthy desserts to go.

                          On Friday my friend had an apple drink special, it was amazing with local apple vodka (Heart of the Valley from Gardner Tuthilltown Gristmill), a cute apple slice garnish, and some spicy nutmeg & cinnamon in there too.

                          A {{{{{{kiss}}}}}} to Chad and Tammy at Beso!

                          Bacchus is great for hanging out, playing pool or ping pong and ordering a beer, they have a good variety on tap and a million billion bottled beers from all over. If I'm hungry I'll order off the appetizer menu: the nasty nachos (with chicken, black beans) are fine, I also like their smoked salmon quesadilla, sweet potato fries, jalapeno poppers, that kind of thing. Pub grub.