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Jul 19, 2007 11:34 AM

"Laissez LE BON temps rouler!" Lincoln Road

Pardon my French. Le Bon Restaurant is like a good lover. You can always count on her, she never disappoints. Last night she was a vision of beet red succulent lips and creamy white supple flesh. Wednesday wine by the bottle is half price, so I paid her a visit. I started off with a most refreshing marinated beet salad with mixed greens, apples and lemon-beet vinaigrette, just the ticket for a hot muggy day. That was followed by one of my favorites, Florida grouper stuffed with lump crabmeat and served with a cognac cream sauce. Had fish been served at the last supper I’m convinced that Jesus would have ordered Dreams chardonnay from Jermann. The pairing was diVine. The consistent quality of the food, always fresh and perfectly cooked, and service, always friendly and professional are hallmarks of Le Bon. You see the same people year after year in the management and staff positions who speak favorably about their jobs. I can’t help but think it all starts from the top, namely Graziano Sbroggio. No one has had as much success on the Road as he has. From the unobtrusive efficient busboys to welcoming gracious manager Lera, the place is a well-oiled operation. Needless to say, totally satisfied, I left with a smile on my face.

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  1. While I might not have written it quite the way you have, I have been amazed since arriving here that Le Bon doesn't get more respect and praise from locals. It is the best option on Lincoln Ropad (pedestrian part at least) and yet never seems crowded while significantly less quality places are perpetually packed (Nexxt, etc). The mussels and impressive Belgian beer list are the draw, but I've always been happy with my entire meal there, plus the service is some of the best on the Road. We need to start adding it to recomeendations when folks ask for places on South Beach.

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      I've only been in s. fl. for about a year, but Le Bon is definitely my go-to place when in that area and looking for something casual and inexpensive. The mussel pot deal in the late afternoon is great. Anybody else notice that the staff seem to communicate by making little kissing noises?

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        Yes just like Tiramisu who probably has the best service on the Beach

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          Yes and I LOVE that!!! And I agree it does not get enough praise. Thanks 2top!