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Jul 19, 2007 11:24 AM

Good Pizza w/in 10 blocks of W.63rd & Bway?

My work friend and I went to have lunch today at a pizza place that other friends of ours go to frequently. It was pretty disappointing for NYC pizza, I think their tastebuds are broken or something. Crust like cardboard.

Any suggestions for something more than a cardboard box made for tourists?

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  1. When I used to work in that 'hood a few years ago, my two favorite slice places were:

    La Traviata, on 68th Street by the movie theater. Total hole in the wall and very easy to miss, but the slices were always outstanding.

    Rigoletto, on Columbus between 69th and 70th (I think). Really yummy slices with some interesting toppings.

    Hope those places are still good, I used to love them.

    1. This is a few blocks outside your range (maybe taking the bus up B'way would help): Big Nick's on 78th/B'way on the west side of the street.

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        Big Nick's is good. But if you're going up that high, New Pizza Town on 78th & Bway is the best slice in the nabe. Sorry I don't know any more south than that.

      2. Patsy's on 74th just east of Columbus Ave.

        1. Angelo's 57th and 7th (there is also one in Ed Sullivan theater, but the 57th st. location is way better)..

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            Big Nicks on W.72nd and Columbus is good but even better when preceded by a boat load of beer...its that kinda place. I'd also vote for Rigoletto on Columbus between W.69th and 70th. Very good slices.

          2. Does anyone know if the pizza at BreadFactory Cafe is decent... I noticed that they sell it today... I figured at least the crust would be good ulike where we went yesterday.