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Jul 19, 2007 11:23 AM

Waynesville, NC

Please recommend the top 2 or 3 restaurants in Waynesville for dinner. Thanks

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  1. Sweet Onion - by the same owners/operators as Wild Fire so it should be good.
    Lomo Grill
    Chef's Table

    1. We tried Sweet Onion a few days ago and were disappointed. We really liked Wild Fire and were looking forward to their reopening. Will try again in a few weeks. We don't like Lomo Grill and used to like Chef's Table, but the chef left and it hasn't been the same. The Old Stone Inn is very good, very lovely and a little pricey. Herron House which is a bed & breakfast offers two price fix dinners weekly (Wed and Sat I think). The food is quite good and the experience is very nice. Sunset on Main has a short but nice dinner menu and good food. If you don't mind leaving Waynesville and making a short drive to Maggie Valley, The Swag has a wonderful dinner (call to find out the specifics) and Cataloochie Ranch offers outside guests (by reservation) dinner several times a week. The food is good, but the experience and setting is wonderful.

      1. Nick and Nates has excellent Pizza.

        1. I'm not sure that anyone could say that this is a "top" restaurant, but I had a truly excellent meal at Clyde's Restaurant about two weeks ago. The daily special was Roast Pork and Dressing and it was moist and flavorful, a very simple preparation. It was served with vinegary greens and excellent homemade mac and cheese. We also tried their grilled chicken livers, perfectly executed and served with great pinto beans with sweet pepper relish and fried okra, both very good. For dessert we enjoyed a daily special as well, a sour cherry cobbler which was great. The cakes and pies in the cooler looked delicious as well but we just couldn't manage any more food. It's right off 74-23.

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            Yay! I'm just a regular visitor to the area, not a resident, and i love Clyde's. it's gramma food, to be sure, but it's dang good gramma food and CHEAP! Their lemon icebox pie is killer. Definitely not on the organic/health food scale in any way, shape, or form, but it's a regular stop for my husband and i whenever we're vacationing in the area. Maggie REstaraunt in Maggie Valley also has really good diner/homefood fare....

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              Just wanted to report since my last post in July. We have been back to Sweet Onion several times and I'm a fan once again. The few items we tried when they first reopened that we thought were bad have been removed from their menu. We have been alone and with several other couples and everyone has really enjoyed whatever they have ordered. The service is very good and the new setting is very nice. We look forward to may more delicious meals there.

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                Thank you for the update! Last time we were in town, the Sweet Onion was freshly opened and we didn't have a chance to try it. Good to know it's worth a visit!

            2. re: IHateKiddo

              Clyde's is also fabulous for breakfast. Try the 2x4 for 4.99, 2 egg, 2 pieces bacon, 2sausages and 2 pancakes the size of plates. It is worth the drive. Biscuits and gravy. Grits. I don't know why I ever left the South! This beats bagels and lox every day.


            3. We ate at Lomo for my birthday in March.
              It was quite amazing, like something right out of the early ninties, complete with stucco structures and paprika on the rim of the plate.
              The food, however, was really good. My steak was absolutely perfect, delicious. My fiancee ordered a fish and pasta dish which was really nice as well.
              We were the only party in the large dining room, but the service was great.