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Jul 19, 2007 11:21 AM

martini bars in TO?

I don't mean to post so much, but I'm just so excited about finding this resource ;)

Can anyone recommend a good martini bar where we could go for drinks after dinner. The dinner will be downtown, but the bar can be anywhere from downtown to Richmond Hill (preferably not east or west, though)...

I found Babylon here, but apparently it's since closed... so, does anyone know of any other bars where one can have a drink and talk. Live music would be nice, but the volume must be reasonable (we'd like to be able to hold a conversation and relax)


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  1. The Pantages Hotel - they have a martini bar
    minibar on Mutual St.
    Any 'after work' bar will have martinis ie. Ki, Bymark, the Keg on York

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    1. re: thenurse

      wow, thanks for the recs... is there one that you'd recommend above others? do you know when they close? do they have parking available (and how much is it)?

      1. re: malyshka

        I don't know exact info about parking - sorry. It won't be cheap, although after 5 is usually more reasonable... usually, not always. Parking is available everywhere in Toronto, at a price. I would suggest parking at City Hall - $6 after 5 pm and you can walk everywhere from there.
        Ki is apparently busy with Bay St. types, the Keg is for the 'over 30's', minibar is a student (Ryerson) hangout, and I'm not sure about the Pantages bar, although I might try it out tonight.

    2. college street between grace and palmerston has a few martini bars to choose from, and it's not too far from downtown. 'ciao edie' on the south side of college has a young feel, 'sousdel' on the north side is the one most worth checking out (has a brown/rusty looking sign), and eat my martini was just okay when I went a couple of years ago.

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      1. re: Ppott

        thanks, we're definitely not looking for a "young feel", as the youngest of us is 31

        1. re: malyshka

          I would recommend the 18th floor bar at the Park Hyatt. Great views, awesome cocktails (incl. martinis), and nice complimentary bar snacks. My personal favourite for a classy drink or four.

          1. re: childofthestorm

            This is what I thought of too. It's a great setting, great view, great service and really good bartenders. Plus it's a bit of an older crowd. Feels very posh.

      2. I love Avenue in the Four Seasons for a martini. You get your own little shaker and the martinis are excellent.

        1. While not exactly a martini bar, Harbour 60 (60 Harbour street east of York street) has a very nice bar that should fit the bill. Very good bartenders and a creative bar menu. Bonus--complimentary valet parking and a recently opened patio where they allow smoking.

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          1. re: ishmael

            Pravda Vodka Bar is also a good choice. They are at 36 Wellington.

            1. re: professor plum

              I believe Pravda closed and is re-opening further down the street this summer.

              Not specifically martini, but the rooftop at Ultra is a nice spot for drinks on summer evenings, although on the weekend it gets really busy.

              1. re: midtowngirl

                The downstairs bar at Centro has a nice atmosphere, does a great martini, and even has live jazz a few nights a week.

                The Park Hyatt is good as well, but you have to pick your times judiciously. Apparently, someone in guest services there has been telling guests that there is a bar on the roof, so the polyester count is increasing, sadly.

                1. re: Snarf

                  Roof Lounge used to be my gem. Now, entire offices go there and stay the night. Service has really suffered, while trying to tolerate these obnoxious yahoos.

          2. Not a favourite of mine, but a lot of people (largely, but not exclusively, gay crowd) like Byzantium. Church and Wellesley.