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Jul 19, 2007 11:06 AM

Puff Pastry Ideas

I guess I am just the party girl this month. I have a Bon Voyage party, I'm green with jealousy, for members of our dining group. It is a week from tomorrow and I have a superfluity of Dafour Puff Pastry (the all butter sort) on hand. Anyone have some favorite recipes that usese puff pastry. The only criteria is that it must be fnger food. No forks allowed. Normally I'd do a big batch of chao gio, the Viet. spring rolls but we just has an Asian put luk a few weeks ago so I think I need to head in another direction. It can be anything. Ideas?

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  1. Do you have tiny Vol au Vent cutters? You could make a whole bunch and then fill them with whatever hot savory filling you wished. Sur La Table or a good specialty shop may have them. Try
    The late much-lamented MacKenzie's Bakeries in New Orleans sold tiny ones, no more than an an inch and a quarter across, and they were a mainstay of cocktail parties in the City, filled with fine oyster and crabmeat concoctions.
    I found tiny vol au vent cutters in various shapes when that bakery chain closed and have been making my own ever since. A very small amount of anything goes a long way inside those little pastry shells that look so elegant.

    1. how about some anchovy straws. Roll the pastry, lay anchovies in lines, more pastry on top, cut through the anchovies in to thin strips then bake. Or use for some savoury palmiers - just be careful not to add too much filling. Anchovy/parmesan, sundried tomato paste/feta. alsorts of combos.
      Mini olive and tomato tarts. hmmm, what else, mini parmesan croissant thingies.

      1. Any of the tarts in the SUNAY SUPPERS AT LUCQUES cookbook many of us raved about would be wonderful. They start with puff pastry, are easy to make, and can be cut into squares to eat with your fingers (which is how I always serve them...and I serve them a lot.)

        1. I make one with grated Gruyere, sliced proscuitto, and chopped fresh sage. Roll them up, slice, and bake in a 400 oven for 10-12 minutes. I also like sauteed mushrooms in garlic and butter and Gorgonzola. Prepare and bake the same.

          1. i like to do sweet things with puff pastry rather then savoury. my fave thing to make is elephant ears. here is a link to the recipe.

            this website mainly is using the pepperidge farm puff pastry sheets. but i think it can be adapted to any brand. it is also devoted to just puff pastry recipes. maybe you can find something there that will suit what you are looking for.

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              Thanks, there is plenty there to consider.

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                no problem at all. i actually like making the palmiers more then the elephant ears. just because i am not big fan of cinnamon.