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Jul 19, 2007 10:48 AM

Need Upscale Mexican in San Jose or other Southbay

I'll be in Santa Cruz for a week in early August and know the usual suspects on that side of the SC Mountains. I'm on a fact finding mission and am looking to check out a few upscale Mexican places nearby that are serving traditional food.

Not so much looking for Nuevo Latino, Tex-Mex, or Southwestern.

Modern ambiance is a plus, innovative beverage programs are certainly a plus.

The somewhat recent thread about this seemed largely focused on SF. Anything south of there?

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    1. Estrellita in Los Altos is probably the best bet in this area. The specials table is the star of the show, with a monthly rotation of different southern Mexican specialties. The chicken Oaxaca is the highlight of the regular menu. Other things can be good, but these are the dishes that make Estrellita's so distinctive. It's not very modern looking, and its innovative beverage are limited mainly to pricy margaritas made from very nice tequila, so Consuelo's has it beat there. But for sit-down Mexican food it's as good as you'll find in the area. Try them both and see what you like.

      Estrellita Restaurant
      971 N San Antonio Rd, Los Altos, CA 94022

      1. My husband who travels to San Jose every week recommends Consuelo's in Santana Row. He claims they have a great selection of tequila. Can't IMAGINE why he'd know something like that when he travels for business!

        1. I agree that Estrellita and Consuelo's are the best there is in the South Bay, but I caution you not to get your hopes (nor expectations) up too high.