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Jul 19, 2007 10:47 AM

Ethiopian food in NL or BE?

I moved to the southern Netherlands a year ago from Philadelphia (the best food city in the USA, by the way!). I'm really craving Ethiopian food. Does anyone know where I can get some in the Netherlands or Belgium?

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  1. Does any one know where I can buy Injera in Manhattan? I tried some Ethiopian restaurants and they don't sell.

    1. Try Amsterdam. I vaguely remember seeing one while walking back from Rijksmuseum towards Dam Square (not awefully helpful)

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      1. re: anil

        My favorite Ethiopian in Amsterdam is Lalibela, just off the Overtoom. There are several others in that immediate area too that aren't bad.

        If you were walking from the Rijksmuseum toward the Dam, you were probably walking on Leidsestraat or Rokin, neither have much in the way of good restaurants sadly.

        Closer to the original poster, there are a few I've seen in Rotterdam, but haven't been to any there ... perhaps check on SpecialBite?

        1. re: Bradbury

          Thanks for recommending Lalibela -- it's on the must-do list for my next visit to A'dam. SpecialBite was also a good rec. Between that site and I'm amassing a nice list of new places to try.