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Jul 19, 2007 10:39 AM


I've always heard of good sushi buffet places up north toronto.. like sushi on 7 and many other places discussed in this forum.. but I never heard anything in the downtown area.. does anybody know of any good sushi buffet in Toronto downtown ?


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  1. Not sure if you count Yonge and Eglinton as downtown, but I enjoyed Sushi Eaton. Here's a previous thread:

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    1. re: missmu

      Went to Sushi Eaton last night.
      The tuna sushi pizza was really good and the food is fresh...

      but what's with the soy sauce?!?! It tasted so bad! We asked for the Light version and it was still gross! It ruined our experience and I won't be back.

    2. Sushi Island is AYCE (College west of Bathurs) and it's pretty good for AYCE sushi. You order off the menu though, it's not buffet style

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      1. re: orangewasabi

        i second that. Sushi Island has good sushi but you have a time limit of 1.5 hour i think..and the service is really slow.

        1. re: evilalicecorp

          Sushi Island is good BUT the time limit is very very strictly enforced, which for me can ruin a meal. Also, you are probably just as well to order off the menu a la carte unless you eat a LOT in a short period of time.

          1. re: abscissa

            Try Aji Sai on Queen just west of Spadina. Currently they even have a $3 off coupon on a flyer, which can be found just in front of the cash register. Our server was kind enough to tell us about it and brought one over. The food is exceptionally good for $15.99 AYCE on a weekday (with the coupon. $2 more Fri-Sun). NO time limit IIRC.

            Also their deep fried banana has a crispy panko crust and is made on order, unlike Sushi Island's which sometimes can be limp and cold.


      2. Katsu Sushi on the Danforth does AYCE, though with a somewhat limited menu (no "expensive" rolls.. and no tuna, to my dismay). Their food is quite good though - I just order a-la-carte when I go, since I usually don't eat enough to get my money's worth at AYCE and I have a soft spot for tuna.

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        1. re: tartiflette

          Tried Katsu for the first time this week. We usually hit Mariko further west on the Danforth, but decided on a change. Big mistake. Mariko is by no means excellent, but it is far better than Katsu. Mariko uses less rice in their rolls, less fatty cuts of fish, and things are made fresh for you. Mariko's menu also has much better selection of rolls and items in general.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Fune, at 100 Simcoe Street has, or used to have (I haven't been there recently) AYCE sushi the last Saturday evening of the month. They have a floating sushi bar, so you can pick off what you want as it floats by, if someone else doesn't get it first.

            1. re: ekammin

              Sadly, Fune no longer has the AYCE. However, I'll put in my word for them as a terrific sushi place anyhow. We are always impressed by the freshness, and if you feel up for the cliche, they do have the best sushi pizza I've ever had. They almost always have uni (yum!), and... well, they're our go-to place for good (full-price) sushi. For the AYCE, I'll say that Sushi Eaton, mentioned above, is pretty darn good. Best variety of any of the AYCE places I've gone to.

          2. SushiMan at Victoria and Richmond has AYCE sushi on Saturday night, once a month.