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Jul 19, 2007 10:31 AM

Osaka - Koyoshi Sushi (where Bourdain had Sushi in Osaka on No Reservations!!!) - Perceptor's Photo Report

Thank you Caren on Chowhound for sharing the address info on this place!!!!
I watched that episode on No Reservation many times and I can't believe I experienced it in person. The place is even smaller in person.

Enjoy my photo report:

- Perceptor

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  1. Great pic! Your photo reports make my mouth drool! and a bit homesick...
    I'm a native Osakan, but have never been to any of these places.

    What you call "yumeigai" looks like "torigai" to me. It's very chewy and my favorite.
    Also, by "taiharagai", do you mean "tairagai"? like this?

    That fried rice with the kobe beef fat and garlic looks soooooooo good. I have my own favorite kobe beef place in Osaka, but they don't serve fried rice. And don't get me started on kujira. I grew up eating it. Haven't had it for 30 yrs!

    Sounds like you had a real "kuidaore" trip. Really, Osakans live to eat!

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    1. re: kuidaore

      you really have the BEST chowhound screen name Kuidaore ;-) that is how we all should live our lives.... we probably heard the chef wrong on yumeigai... and yes i meant tairagai.. i just didnt know how to spell it ;-)

    2. yay! beautiful pics.

      may i ask how much your meal was? how did you order? or did you let the chef prepare whatever he wanted for you?

      i'm going to osaka in a few months and hope to visit koyoshi. i want to be prepared!

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      1. re: yimay

        it was 7500 yen for the 2 of us if i remember correctly... i basically told him in half english/half japanese to feed me and some pointing at things i wanted to eat...
        enjoy your trip! keep in mind that the restaurant opens at 6:00pm everyday except sunday

      2. I just ran across this post. I hope it's ok to resurrect it. It's been almost 2 years since the address to the sushi bar.
        Does anyone know how Koyoshi Sushi is faring these days?
        Withe international ChowHounders visiting, I wonder if he would have had to expand?
        Loved the pictures!

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        1. re: ritabwh

          I was last there a year ago. I doubt he's going to expand; the couple which owns the place are quite content with what they have.

          Not that many international visitors go, at least not compared to locals. Whenever I've gone, it's been an entirely local crowd (except for me, but they think I'm local until I actually speak. . . ).

        2. Can anyone shed some light on prices? I would think this is a la carte, so would there be any difference in price? Also, would lunch/dinner have any affect on the # of customers? I realize it's a TINY place... haha

          Would one be able to have a satisfying variety of food for lunch for say 2000 yen? Any help would be great!... 3 of us are planning to be in osaka June 24-25!!

          Also, any suggestions on what to order? We'll eat anything! (or just about)

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          1. re: msprnt

            Last year I had maybe 5 pieces of sushi there and paid somewhere in the region of Y2500. That being said, I had some of the more expensive pieces--hotate, uni, ikura, anago (their anago is amazing) and one more but I can't remember what (a winter fish).

            I don't think they do lunch. If you're planning on going with 3 people and want to actually eat together, then I'd suggest going as soon as they open. You're not likely to get seated together (or even get to eat at the same time) after that.

            FYI--they close indiscriminately. I've gone a couple of times only to find a sign on the door saying they were closed for the week. Since they don't have a website, you have to call to make sure they're open or just take the risk and drop by.

            1. re: prasantrin

              sorry to bump this, but i was looking up this place for a friend in hk and realized i never followed up after visiting!

              anyhow.....the search for this place took about 15-20 minutes of walking around because we had only a vague idea of where it was .... the photos from the OP really helped because that's how we found it! i don't recall exactly when we got there, but it was likely around 6pm and we were SUPER fortunate to have gotten seats together for the 3 of us immediately ... we were also fortunate to have a japanese doctor there who was translating for us and i was able to get into a real conversatoin with him about his time in canada, etc.

              i forget exactly what we ordered, but we each had about 7 pieces of nigiri and a few cooked items for roughly 5000 yen (could be less?) ... the chef couple was very nice and took pictures with us .... and the middle-aged women who were there tried to talk to us, but we couldn't communicate... the doctor said they were saying how happy we were...haha

              the fish here was probably the best we had in japan....but only compared to that which we had in tsukiji, one keiseki/omakase in tokyo, supermarkets and conveyor...hahah

              when we left, a small line had already begun to form...

              anyhow, i miss this type of intimate eating style in canada.... oh! and i met someone from my hometown there who was visiting as well!... small world!

          2. Was just here in April. Best sushi we had in Japan, w/ experiences similar to msprnt- kaiseki, tsukiji, several other sushi places in osaka/tokyo and kaiten zushi. Location was very hard to find without pictures (only found this post afterwards).

            Everything was excellent but particularly the kanpachi sushi with no wasabi or soy sauce, but a sprinkling of sea salt and a hint of yuzu

            PS Perceptor, your pictures are great- what camera/lense were you using?