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Osaka - Tokuya Whale Dinner - Perceptor's Photo Report

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I can't believe I just had a whale dinner in Osaka.
Enjoy my Photo Report:


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  1. Awesome pictures. I had a sample of whale bacon at Tsukiji one day and didn't care much for it.

    Next, I'm looking to find the place that has whale burgers. I think it's in Shibuya somewhere...

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      I used to pick up whale burgers at a local supermarket, but I never saw them at a restaurant. In Shibuya, there is a well known whale cuisine place called "Kujira-ya" just past 109. Here is the link - http://www.kujiraya.co.jp/ . I didn't spot burgers on the menu, but it's often associated with whale dining, though I've seen whale sashimi or kara age at varous small places from time to time... When I searched in Japanese for whale burgers, I just came up with a shop in Hokkaido. If you do find the place, let us know. Also, here is a link to restaurants in Tokyo that feature whale- http://www.e-kujira.or.jp/link/kujira.... It's in Japanese.

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        That's the place I was talking about. I guess I was wrong about the burgers though.
        How is Kujira-ya? I'd like to go, but first I need to find a more adventerous eating date... heh

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          Lucky Pierrot is a fast food chain that serves whale burgers. I think they're only in Hokkaido, though.