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Jul 19, 2007 10:28 AM

Far Niente vs. Toula

Just wondering if anyone has been to both? We have Italian guests coming over and we wanted to take them out for dinner (it's also someone's birthday). We're going for Summerlicious, and what attracted us about Toula is the view. We've been to Far Niente (though it's been a while), and we liked the food, but there is no view at all. However, some of the reviews I read here make me think twice about Toula...

Can you guys share your opinions, please.

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  1. I have been to both - but not in the past year. In my experience Far Niente has far superior food. I found that the kitchen at Toula did not produce a product up to the costs involved. Toula does have a great site and you may want to consider drinks at their bar and then take off to Far Niente for dinner - if it is a nice night it's not that far to walk (or a short cab ride).

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    1. re: outofit

      well, it's today, so not sure about a "nice night"... not even sure about the view at this point at all

      1. re: malyshka

        If they are Italian, I would definately NOT take them to Toula! Try Mistura or Romagna Mia if you are up for a summerlicious dinner.

          1. re: skylineR33

            I was really disappointed with Toula for the cost/value ratio. The view is spectacular, but there are other places in Toronto to get a view and decent food together (Panorama, the 360 Revolving, which has supposedly improved steadily over the past few years).

            I had the gnocchi, and the texture was grainyier and drier than I like. Gnocchi should be melt-in-mouth soft, and have a creamy potato texture, not coarse, IMO. For a good and relatively inexpensive Italian meal try the new Tappo Wine Bar in the Distillery district.