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Jul 19, 2007 10:18 AM

Richmond, VA with kids?

where are foodie destinations i can take my kids? obviously not everything has to be a fancy date night. where are the good family places?

we like shackleford's because of the mix of items and because it's close and we do ethnic - love malabar for indian (can you tell i live in the west end). td's smokehouse is a great dive find, but i want to branch out from ending up at chains out of desperation. i don't like ruining other people's dinners because even though my 4 year old is great and they're both good, brave eaters, my one year old is, well, one. so good carryout or truly family friendly is key!


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  1. I'm not a fan, but many people swear by Grandpa Eddie's out 250 West past Short Pump in Goochland and it's definitely kid friendly. Also most of the standard Mexican places (Casa Grande, Mexico and El Paso) are kid friendly.

    1. If you don't mind a little jaunt east on the interstate, try Kitchen 64. It's really comfortable with big booths so the kids can squirm around without knocking anything over, and the food is really family friendly (and affordable). Plus it's non-smoking and the waitstaff is great with kids as well.

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        great review in today's times dispatch. looks nice. will have to add it to the list.

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          It's getting good reviews in papers (but the subject of Richmond restaurant reviews and "Best of Richmond" is another thread for another day), but on food blogs it's not getting the same praise.

          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            "best of" is bad in every town i've ever lived in! :) worst thing about the richmond reviews imho is that they don't usually tell you about the feel of the place - and i am usually trying to figure out if it's kid friendly. but my friends and i don't love the same places. even others who love food so i guess to each his own.
            fair enough. and thanks for the info. still might check it out but it's enough of a drive that it'll be awhile!
            i was happy to find frank's. need to find a few more hidden places like that. went to legend brewing the other day because i'd heard you should see the view. indeed lovely but the food was even worse than my low expectations. won't be returning! :)
            just feel like when we're out exploring brown's island or carytown or maymont with the kids we don't know anyplace to go except sine or galaxy diner - neither of which i love (or even really like for that matter). the interesting places you just can't bring kids to - which is fine (great actually) for a weekend night date - but otherwise really hard.
            and the world wonders why people eat at chains with mediocre food...

            1. re: AMFM

              I'm always surprised at the number of kids at Millie's. While it's not a kid-restaurant, I see a lot of families there and it's loud enough that the noise isn't an issue. Same with Edo's Squid. You could take a marching band in there and it wouldn't be disruptive <g>.

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                Disclaimer: I have not been to this restaurant in 15 years, but we went every week when I was a child (I'm 43) and it's a great Italian place (or used to be). Italian Kitchen West on Broad Street between Parham and Hungary Spring across from Fountain Square Shopping Center. It's in a tiny (and slightly dumpy) strip mall beside Westland.

        2. Try the Hill City Chop House on Route 1 on the north side of town. It's in a mall on the northbound side of Route 1, behind a Blinds to Go store. I have been there with my family many times, the place is casual and the service is very friendly, and you will like the food! They do great beef, and we find the fried shrimp dinner is a good deal. They have good appetizers and a good childrens menu. I highly recommend the place. It's tons better than places like Ruby Tuesday, Chili's etc. I live in New York but we travel to the area and we always stop there at least one time when we pass thru... I really wish we had a place like it where I live.

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            thanks all. i will let you know if i try any...

          2. I can tell you that for almost 20 years we went to Italian Kitchen West on West Broad St. Vinny is still there and it is wonderful and inexpensive. He would come and sit at our table every Saturday night with my dad and talk about making wine or whatever else he was doing. We are Richmond, VA every year and still go there, at least twice. I have never had pizza as good as Italian Kitchen's. We do take a lot of children in there too---never a problem. I always bring the French dressing back home with me to Columbus, Ohio. Don't ask how I do it--LOL--I just have to!!! Karen B.

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              I am so glad to hear it is still wonderful. I am going to get a pizza and take it home to Powhatan.