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Breakfast locations in downtown Toronto

I'm looking for a nice place to have breakfast in downtown Toronto. The closer to Bay + Dundas, the better.

Thanks a bundle. : -)

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  1. For hotels the Marriott at Bay and Dundas is good, but I would walk up to College and go to Frans.....

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    1. re: robgm

      Blechh! Fran's is hardly a nice place.
      How about the Senator, on Victoria, one block east of Yonge, just south of Dundas.

      1. re: estragon

        Fran's has solid food and has been there forever.

        1. re: robgm

          Every time I go to Fran's, I leave with a stomach ache. The last time was about three months ago. The eggs, as I recall, were dry and greasy, and the "home fries" were straight from the deep fryer.

        2. re: estragon

          Fran's at Victoria and Shuter
          Senator at Victoria and Dundas
          Eggspectations on Yonge

          I guess it depends on your definition of 'nice'

          Over Easy on Yonge N of Wellington is pretty good, in a hotel, too.

          1. re: thenurse

            Eggspecations is awful, especially the service, Frans does corned beef hash well.

            1. re: robgm

              frans it is, the hounds have spoken! ;)
              ...they really do have a decent breakfast.

      2. Frans and Eggspectations are both pretty bad in my opinion. The Senator is a great choice.

        1. I'm surprised no one suggested the Pickle Barrel, just north of Bay & Dundas in the Atrium
          building. Pricier than Frans, to be sure, but much higher quality.

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          1. re: KevinB

            ewwww to pickle barrel. go to frans... !!!

            1. re: jennjen18

              Hi jennjen, Have you honestly ever been to pickle barrel for breakfast at Atrium on the Bay?

              1. re: deelicious

                I have (Once) and never again. French toast so heavy it could have been used to clean the crap off the pan it was cooked in.

                1. re: westhead74

                  They changed the french toast - it is not heavy like that anymore.

                  1. re: deelicious

                    Agreed. They've totally redone the place in the last few years, including the menu. I did an interview with Rose Reisman a few weeks ago (they're featuring a bunch of her dishes on the menu) and it's completely different now.

                    1. re: SherylKirby

                      They can change the french toast and feature Rose Reisman's dishes but it still doesn't make it an acceptable place for breakfast (Or any other meal).

                      If the "Re-do" is anything like the Yonge & Eligible location, that would be yet another warning sign to avoid at all costs.

          2. My personal favourite is Daybreak (Church & Carlton). Cheerful diner-style food, and a lively atmosphere.

            1. Patrician on King St. E. is a classic diner (or greasy spoon, if you prefer). I'm amazed it is still there with every other shopfront on the street turning into an expensive furniture store.

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              1. re: obstructionist

                Have tried both Senator and Patrician in the last month. Patrician is the much better experience....go before 11:00am to take advantage of their breakfast special. I was pleasantly surprised that prices included all taxes!!

              2. Maybe you could help us by providing your definition of "nice".
                The Mutual Street Deli is a "nice" greasy spoon.
                No surprises on the quality, quantity or price of the food. The service matches the decor. Best $7 I have ever spent on breakfast. You get what you expect. Real plates, real cutlery, real paper napkins from a real short order cook. (I had those places that stick you with paper plates & plastic cutlery!)
                As a greasy spoon it is top notch & recommended.
                If your definition of "nice" includes linen napkins & tablecloth's then I can't help.

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                1. re: dancingTimmy

                  I don't know if it''s close enough for you but I've always had good, dependable brunches at Easy on Bloor W across from the ROM.

                  1. re: bogie

                    What about Sunset Grill? Not sure exactly where it is downtown but I think its in the vicinity. Their food is always reliable, at least the Danforth location is.

                      1. re: thenurse

                        If I wanted to have a nice breakfast, I think I'd go to hart house. http://www.harthouse.utoronto.ca/hh/p...

                        1. re: nummanumma

                          I'd like to go just to try the apple cake with "sunflower seed brittle ice cream". Has anyone tried it? Sounds great.

                          1. re: nummanumma

                            Looks like a decent lunch destination...but breakfast???...

                  2. Kalendar on College Street (in Little Italy) has nice brunch items. I like their banana and mango stuffed french toast.