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Jul 19, 2007 09:44 AM

HELP! Lookig for Special occasion place open on Monday!

Hi! I'm new to the site and hoping someone out there can make a fabulous suggestion. My friend and I are taking our boyfriends out for a dual birthday dinner celebration. We had plans to do the celebration at The Federalist (a group favorite) and as many of you know its closed, to re-open as Mooo. Anyway, at this point we are hard pressed to find something comparable AND open on Monday night. The four of us go to dinner A LOT and have been to alot of places, we are looking for something where we can have a great meal, in a great atmosphere, maybe a little on the more energetic side...Any advice? I'm totally lost!

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  1. Sorellina is open on Mondays, as is No.9 Park. Both of those are great "special occasion" places.

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      bb and Kbee- I 2nd both of these and add KO Prime into the mix of places you research. Have a good night.

    2. Where have you been that you like? Budget? Any preferences like Italian, sushi, steaks, etc.?

      1. We all like anything, the boys budget is Federalist/Harvest/Torque type. Similarly that's the type of food we are looking for. Something that would satisfy the boys who are less 'foodies' than us but something thats exciting enough.

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          Scene-wise exciting on a Monday night is a tough one. ;) First place that comes to mind is Eastern Standard. Still won't be hoppin' on a Monday unless the Sox are in town, in that event plan to get a table DURING the game. It should get pretty lively after the game. Food-wise it should be exciting and traditional enough for all.

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            I recently had dinner at Toro on a Monday night and thought it was great. It is tapas though which i know my bf is not a fan of. He does love the beef tenderloin at Grotto and is generally excited by the prospect of dinner at Grotto. It isn't as fancy as the Fed but it has a nice ambience and I believe is open on Monday nights. No drinks though, but a good wine list. I would also suggest Union in the South End. It is open on Monday nights and has a fun vibe.

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              Rendezvous in Central Square might work as well! I love it there and it is open on Monday nights. They will definitely treat you special too for your special occasion!