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Jul 19, 2007 09:39 AM

Pre-Blue Jays Saturday brunch?

Hey folks.
Any suggestions for somewhere that's close to (i.e. walkable) to the Rogers Centre (formerly known as skydome)? Going to the Jay game saturday with the in-laws, who want to take everyone (7 of us) out for brunch before-hand. All i can think of down there are planet hollywood and east side mario's, neither of which are particularly appealing (and i don't think they do brunch anyway).

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  1. Try Cora's Restaurants
    277 Wellington St., West
    (at Blue Jays Way) M5V 3E4
    (416) 598-2672

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    1. Cora's also has a line-up out the door game day. You'll never get in and besides it's not that great (tho they give you tons of fruit with everything).

      How about Le Select on Wellington just west of Spadina?

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      1. re: Edith S

        Hi Edith.
        Ended up going to Le Select. It was perfect. Nice sunny patio, food was simple but tasty, and service was quick. Just what a bistro should be. Hadn't been in a while, and was glad for your reminder.

      2. Did you consider actually dining at Sightlines restaurant? You can go in for a meal before the game begins (you'll have to leave before the game starts, as they have different pricing for pre-event and event meals, and besides, you don't really want to watch the game from there anyway - it's too far away.) But you will get a chance to watch batting practice, and the food isn't bad. Reservations essential.

        1. Just a note that planet hollywood is long gone.