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Jul 19, 2007 09:31 AM


Has anyone been to Estia? The only coments I have heard have been simple Greek style fish resaurant that is very expensive.

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  1. Agree with that comment. Very simple, but very high quality (ie freshness) fish. Very expensive, but consider the location.


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      Great fish (like the best by far in the area) but very pricey. Excellent grilled octopus, and decent Estia chips. You may want to wait and try it during restaurant week, as they give you the same amount of food as during the rest of the year at much lower prices. Or you could stop by at lunch, but then again, the fish served then seems to be not as fresh (perhaps leftovers?)

    2. They always have a three-course prix-fixe dinner for $35.00. It has (or did, when we were there) three choices for the appetizer and entree courses. They are good choices - not all fish - and everything is delicious.

      Also, you don't have to get a whole fish when buying by the pound. You can share, or ask for a certain weight. My friend and I shared a lovely fish that was 1 and 1/2 lbs.
      (When it's not the prix-fixe, they charge for the fish by the pound.)

      One warning: drinks, even wine by the glass, were very expensive.

      It is a beautiful place, and worth a visit.

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        We've eaten at Estia several times. It is beautiful and the food is really good. I've ordered the pre-theatre meal @$30 as well and it is a great deal. I never order the per-pound priced fish, but they have many other greek choices and all are excellent. Appetizers are huge, I think. Split the pan fried calamari-it's fabulous. I've seen the "too expensive" posts as well, and never really understood it. I really don't think it's any worse than other similar restaurants in the area.

      2. We went in April for lunch and really enjoyed an array of non-fish dishes, including a great eggplant spread, homemade slightly sweet dolmades, spanakopita, and the best pasticcio my father-in-law every had anywhere including in Greece. Highly recommended for the variety on the menu, good service, and a nice upscale ambiance. Thank you.

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        1. re: Bride of the Juggler

          In order to watch your pocketbook, you need to know how to dine there.
          Pick your fish choice when they take you up to the table to look.
          THEN be very careful what you decide to order to go with it when they come to your table and "suggest" that "you MUST try our such-and-such!!"
          That's where the bucks add up. They try to pad your meal.
          But Estia is a dining experience.

          1. re: idia

            I was just browsing on restaurants near the Academy and came upon this thread -- it prompted me to make reservations at estia's - thanks, Chowhounds!!

        2. So where in PA is this all make no mention of location. Might be nice to make a note to try it when we are in the area.

          Thanks you.

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          1. re: beccaboo

            Beccaboo, what's relevant about location is that it is right beside the Kimmel, the Academy of Music, the Merriam Theatre, the Wilma theatre, soon the Phila Theatre Co., etc. That's why you can expect to pay more.

          2. Thanks for the information. In responce to beccaboo, Estia is in Philly at Broad and Locust.

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              1. re: fission1

                Thank you, fission1. I really wasn't inquiring as to its "relevance". I truly wanted to know where in PA it is, since my husband and I and all of our sons travel frequently and ejnoy keeping one another apprised of new (to us) places to dine.

                Thank you for being kind.