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greek food

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hi, i need a informal dinner catered, drop off. i stoppped at papa christo's --not so happy with the food there, any ideas? individual catering companies? thanks so much.

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  1. I'm supriesed, Pappa Christo's is some of the best Greek in town.

    I also Like the Great Greek in Sherman Oaks and Alexis Greek Cafe in Northridge.

    You could try that chain placer, Daphne's, but the food is icky.

    1. Not sure if they cater, but Papadakis in San Pedro is good if a little pricey

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        absolutely second papadakis. best greek food around. also - a great restaurant if you want to eat in.

      2. Taverna Tony's in Malibu caters.

        1. I too am surprised. I was recently at a party catered by Papa Christo's & the food was great! All there loved it. I like the Great Greek too, but actually prefer Papa Christo's. What are you looking for exactly?

          1. George's in Long Beach is awesome, and reasonably priced.

            1. I've always liked Papa Christo's when I order a la carte off the menu. Recently I went with some friends to their Thursday night family-style dinner and it was awful. Really awful. I've been meaning to go back for lunch, for something good, to fight off the memory of how bad the Thursday night dinner was.

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                I pick The Great Greek and Josephs as the top greek food in LA

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                  I also really like the Great Greek...

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                    I love The Great Greek, too.

                    I'm not sure I'd say it's te best Greek food in LA, though.

                    It's dang fine food, lots of fun, good atmosphere and great service.

                    But not sure about the best. I found Pappa Cristo's take away to be the best I've had, followed by Alexis.
                    I want to try Taverna Tony's, as a Greek friend of mine tell em she thinks its on par or above Pappa C's (She knows Chrys-Chrys personally, sort of a cheap thrill for me. Whee.)

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                      I second Alexis the Greek it is always so tasty, you have to try that lemon chicken soup! Plus you get the added bonus of the Portuguese items on their menu as well

                2. Don't know if they cater, but George's in Long Beach or I think they have a branch downtown. The Saturday lamb special is awesome!

                  1. My vote is for Joesph's Cafe on Ivar near Yucca. Or, if you don't mind the valley Alexis Greek.

                    I do also like the Great Greek and Taverna Tony's as second and third choices.

                    1. have to vote for papa cristo's as well. my best friend had them cater her rehersal dinner. we've also had birthday parties there and have always enjoyed.