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Jul 19, 2007 09:16 AM

One fine lunch- Le Bernardin or Bouley?

Flying in from Chicago for the day, and would like to treat the bosses to a high end lunch. Which should I choose? Other suggestions? One boss does not eat fish or seafood!

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  1. Le Bernardin specializes in seafood......

    1. If your goal is fine food with no seafood, why Le Bernardin? My top choice would be:

      L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon at the Four Seasons Hotel. I suggest the Gazpacho and the Quail for the boss who does not eat seafood, and of course, if they have the egg...

      1. Le Bernardin is a fish restaurant. That rather narrows your choice down to Bouley! but personally I might prefer someplace like Gotham Bar and Grill, or Eleven Madison Park.

        1. Bouley is one of only two restaurants in NYC that we will not visit again due to the food and service. Le Bernardin has been wonderful for us for both food and service, but as mentioned, they specialize in seafood, though they have other good options. Aureole can be good for lunch and dinner too. Would definitely skip Bouley regardless. The tasting menu at Craft has been incredibly good for us during truffle season. Craft does not require jackets for men if you want to go a little less formal.

          1. as others have said, no Bernardin, since it is a fish restaurant. I didn't have the best dinner experience at Bouley, but it is a beautiful place. I'd suggest Jean Georges instead. The food and service there cannot be beat.