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Jul 19, 2007 09:08 AM

Boulevard Cafe - stunning

Went last night with friends and had a marvellous experience. Sat on the lovely patio which was completely sheltered during a temporary rain shower. Had beautifully mixed caipirhina (sp?) and sangria with dinner. Went with the Summerlicious menu and had ceviche to start with a cashew chicken main course. Everything was perfectly prepared - vegetables were crisp and fresh, chicken was delightfully tender and cashew sauce was warming and complex. Haven't had ceviche more than one other time, so can't claim to be expert, but I really liked it. Texture was great and lime so refreshing. Companions were very complimentary about the tilapia. Dessert of key lime pie was the perfect flavour and size to finish off a very satisfying meal. Service was effortless and helpful. Diners around us were eating from the regular menu as well and again, aromas were heavenly.

This was my second visit to Boulevard and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Some dishes have some heat, which I love, and I think there are dishes to suit many tastes, including seafood-eating vegetarians. Atmosphere is casual and friendly and would be appropriate for many occasions. One companion lives about 10 minutes away and had never been, so I think it may be one of those 'under the radar' places.

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  1. I love the Boulevard. It's been around forever and I used to go there back when, but we 'rediscovered' it a couple of years ago during Winterlicious. We've been a few times since then, and we're got a reservation for tomorrow night. Looking forward to it, especially after your review.

    1. I too love the Boulevard. The Salpicon de Pollo is my usual lunch order when I'm there. The best chicken salad EVER, paired with a glass of their fresh-squeezed lemonade - yum.

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        Don't forget about the wonderful cornbread!