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Jul 19, 2007 08:54 AM

Macedonian restaurants in the US [moved from What's My Craving]

Hello from warm and partly cloudy New York City! I am wondering if anyone knows if there are any restaurants serving Macedonian food in the US please?

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  1. I'm very sad that there haven't been any responses to your question. I, too, would love to know about Macedonian restaurants anywhere - I fell in love with the food when I studied in the Jugoslav republic of Makedonija back in the '70's.

    How about including all of North America? There is - or there used to be - at least one Macedonian restaurant in Toronto. Ontario has many (comparatively speaking) Canadians of Macedonian descent. Here's a directory of restaurants:


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      If the link above doesn't work, use this one - scroll down to "Food and Dining" and click on "Restaurants".


    2. I have always understood that John's Stews on the southwest side of Indianapolis is of Maceodonian descent. They serve several varieties of stews, but I believe the one for which they are most famous has a spicy kick from a variety of wax peppers. They have been in business for years and are very casual , more like a tavern, very working class. People swear by it.

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        I stopped in there once on a road trip and had the Macedonian stew. I've never been to Macedonia but what I had tasted like it came out of a Campbell's can with a few extra veggies and such added in.

        It was definitely very divey, which I liked.

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          I read Berkeley and my heart sunk. Then I read Michigan and it rose again.