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Jul 19, 2007 08:46 AM

Bakeware etc in Downtown?

Hi everyone. I've been asked to recommend a store in downtown Montreal where bakeware is sold. The person looking for this store is from out of town, so would prefer not to travel outside the downtown area. Also, she's looking specifically for icing bags and accessories, as well as other baking supplies.
I've heard there's a new kitchen supply store (de Mssnve.near Mountain?), does anyone have name/address of this store, if indeed it exists.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, please. Thank you!

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  1. I don't remeber what that place is called, but everything there is overpriced. I reccomend La Soupière on Ste-Catherine near guy, or even better Zellers.

    1. Don't know if there what the selection of baking supplies is like, but across from La Soupiere on Ste-Catherine there is also Benix in Le Faubourg (if it's still there).

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        I don't like Benix. Their business practise is very dubious. Everything is always on sale up to 70% off, but when you check prices at other places they're actually the same or lower. I think Benix and other such places like Le Rouet should be boycotted (that's what I said) for trying to fool the public this way. Benix sale prices are a rip-off. Their pricing policy is illegal, and more people should be pissed off by that.

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          Last time I checked (a couple of weeks ago) the Benix store in the Faubourg was closed. They've opened up elsewhere downtown; forget where 'cause like SnackHappy I don't find it a particularly compelling store from a quality or price standpoint.

          The staff at La Soupière drive me up the wall.

          Cuisine Gourmet is a class act but way expensive. Same or equivalent stuff can often be had for less at Dante, Monas, The Bay, etc.

        2. The place is called Cuisine Gourmet at the corner of Drummond and Maisonneuve.

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          1. re: jellybelly25

            Cuisine Gourmet is a beautiful store but also in the "everything is overpriced" category. Still I love it so much that sometimes I just pay the extra bucks.


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              I will go to Cuising Gourmet to window-shop and browse, and then go somewhere cheaper to actually buy what I want. This is what I did with the OXO Kettle I bought last Christmas. It was significantly cheaper at Linen Chest.

              I find La Soupière a bit expensive and I'm always afraid I'll knock everything over there. There's no room to navigate!

              I was going to recommend that the OP's friend go to Zellers too. There's one in Alexis Nihon. I think that might be the closest one to downtown.