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Jul 19, 2007 08:07 AM

Lure Fishbar dinner for RW?

Anyone been to Lure for RW? Thoughts?

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  1. Yes, I had the sushi for dinner and it was wonderful! Desserts were the only part that was eh, but still worth going for.

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    1. re: kam0424

      kam0424 can you elaborate a bit on what the options were, and what you ate? What kind of sushi was presented?

      1. re: eatfood

        sure, i had about 7 pieces of sushi (the basics: salmon, yellowtail, spanish mackerel, tuna, etc.) and a CA roll. it was very fresh and well presented. My friend got the swordfish i believe (this was last year's RW) and liked it also. The app rock shrimp tempura was a bit too greasy in my opinion, i would go for the chowder or something off the raw bar. My friend loved the NE clam chowder, goes great with the bread basket. We had an amazing bottle of sav blanc that was around $30 as well. The desserts were very sub-par. The cheesecake was the best, don't get the ice cream sandies. They are rock hard. I'd go for the sorbet next time to be safe.