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Jul 19, 2007 08:06 AM

Resto lately?

Wondering if anyone's been to Resto lately? I'm going tomorrow night, and planning on the Burger, Deviled Eggs, and (if I can get it before late-night) the Tete de Cochon sandwich. Is there anything I'm missing that I should definitely try? Also, how have the waits been, and am I better off wait-wise going later in the evening?

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  1. go late...around 9:00-9:30 and there's less of a wait. Also, the burger is wonderful but the mussels with chilli flake are worth it as well.

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      went to a beer tasting there w my work this past week -- everything was so good, especially the waffles and brittle for dessert with chocolate dip and creme fraise. i would go back again just for the dessert! we had the pork toast with egg, which was delish. We also had the beef cheek as part of main entree which was cooked perfectly and very flavorful. i highly recommend it!

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        Second the burger. All hail the power of pork fat.

      2. The bitter ballen and the double-cooked pork belly with endive vinaigrette were heavenly. The beers we had (witte, plus one other) were unbelievably good. There is really no point having wine here. Burger was good, desserts were ok but not amazing. Fries were very good, mayo was ok but not as amazing as it should have been. The carbonnade, which we'd seen well reviewed, was too heavy and maybe a bit dry. The prices, considering the quality, were low and the place was wonderfully informal. We loved it to death and will go back.

        1. You must have the frites. You MUST have the beer.