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Jul 19, 2007 07:59 AM

Good food in Pittsburgh's South Hills?

I've taking golf lessons with 2 girlfriends one night a week for the next 3 weeks at Cool Spring Golf Center. We all live in the East End. On our way back into town we'd like to stop for an interesting meal each week. I've heard Hong Kong is worth a try and that there is a good Mexican place too....Suggestions? THX!!

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  1. You can get a great burrito (or taco/quesadilla) at a place called Moe's in Collier Town Square on Rt 50. They also serve awesome margaritas.

    1. From Cool Springs you'd need to backtrack some to find the better places in the South Hills - most of which seem to be around Mt. Lebo. Il Pizzaiolo and Bistro 19 are next door neighbors on Washington Rd. Iovino's in on Beverly. Hong Kong in Dormont is great food, but don't expect much ambience (and it's cash). Amel's on McNeilly (between Dormont & Whitehall) is an old standby - not that it's fantastic, but it's reliable middle eastern (not like there's a wealth of that around here) and it's fairly close to Cool Springs.

      1. I haven't been to Franco's on West Liberty Avenue since Joe Tambellini (the chef) left - but when he was there it was always good Italian. If you all live in the East End you can do the South Side on your way home. There are also supposed to be some new restaruants near the Brentwood Town Center area but I do not have any details.

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          In Brentwood on Rt. 51 across the street from McGiniss Sisters is Brentwood Express, a BBQ place. I only recommend their BBQ Sampler: Half a Chicken, Half Rack Ribs, one side (don't get the mac 'n cheese) and fries a lot like Potato Patch Fries at Kennywood. It's plenty for 2 to share, maybe even 3 depeding on how hungry you are. Everything else there is fine, but their chicken and ribs are standouts. About $16 for the sampler.

          Nothing but chains in the new Brentwood Town Center though.

        2. Hi Katiekins - welcome to the other side of town :) I'll second Panini Guy's recs for Il Pizzaiolo and Bistro 19. If you're comfortable coming out to Bethel Park, near South Hills Village on Fort Couch Road, you may want to try Cafe Giorgio (It's off on a little side street, near the trolley bridge.) Creative, small place (it's an old house) that I really enjoy when looking for something off the beaten path.

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            Good call on Giorgio. One other option we haven't been to yet but have heard positives - Luma on Castle Shannon Blvd. If nothing else they have interesting lighting!

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              Luma on Castle Shannon blvd. is a great idea. We have been there twice. Excellent service and same great food as the Aspinwall location. They also have a nice outdoor/casual deck area in the back.

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions! We'll try someplace tonight!