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Jul 19, 2007 07:59 AM

Vidalia/other onion choppers [Moved from General Topics]

Chopped some onions last night--so painful on my eyes. I can barely stand it--should I get one of those onion choppers? Anyone have a review?


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  1. I had one and found it quicker to pull out a knife and chop and onion. Especially if you need any real quantity of chopped onion.
    You'd probably be better off finding a solution to the watery eyes rather than a different method of chopping onion.
    I don't have one. I don't have much of a problem with onion fumes.


    1. no,

      use a chefs knife, I find those chopping contraptions kind of a gimmick for those not trained to use a knife, and look like they might not turn out a product that is consistent in size.

      1. I put my onion in the freezer for about a minute or 2 (or run quickly under very cold water) and it seems to help with the "onion eyes" issue. Like other posters have said, don't buy the gimmick. Get a good sharp chef's knife and work quickly. :)

        1. A very sharp knife is the best way to keep from crying while cutting onions. The tearing is caused by sulfur containing compounds being released when the onions cells are ruptured, floating up to your eyes and mixing with moisture to create sulfuric acid. Your body them starts producing tears to wash away the irritant. A sharp knife damages far fewer cells than a less sharp one and releases less sulfur compounds.

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            I can tell you that even with a sharp knives, mine are razor sharp, it still get's to my eyes. I would never recommend one of these choppers except if one is not able to use a knife due to arthritis or other medical problem then it is at least one method to dice. Nothing beats good knife skills and there is little clean up with a board and knife.

            1. re: scubadoo97

              eye protection works for me too -- I will either grab one of my worksite sets of sealed goggles or just strap on swim goggles.

          2. use googles. I have one pair specifically for chopping onions. I tried freezing, candle, matches, you name it. Nothing worked. I am an extreme case though. I can't even have a plate of chopped onion on the counter.