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Jul 19, 2007 07:47 AM

"wet" burritos in NYC?

Hi all,

First post here. After reading the latest installment of the Frugal Traveler, I was taken back to my days in Denver where there was a dynamite old Mexican restaurant that served "wet" burritos with green chile sauce. Does anyone know of a good place in the five boroughs that serves "wet" burritos?


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  1. Burritos at Lupe's East LA Kitchen (Sixth Avenue at Watts) can be served with either red or green chile sauce.

    1. Downtown Bakery on 2nd Ave and I think 6th makes a great version.

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      1. re: wingman

        i second the vote for lupe's. so yummy (i prefer the red chile sauce)!

        1. re: bosox

          Frugal Traveler here. I vote for Lupe's, too, though it's been years since I've eaten there. Will have to grab a burrito there and reminisce when I get back...

        2. re: wingman

          Love the burritos at DT Bakery, though I've never tried the wet version.

        3. Florencia 13 on Sullivan bet. Bleecker and Houston touts their "Wet Burritos" which are pretty yummy if you ask me though a bit pricey at around 10ish.

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          1. re: Nick F.

            Florencia is not bad. I think the place is a little strange though and kind of run down.