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Jul 19, 2007 07:46 AM

Quick, simple, thrown together dessert to bring to dinner party?

I am going to a friend's for dinner straight from work. She asked that I bring dessert. What can I buy at the supermarket and throw together really quickly that will be fresh and delicious? Something with fruit, to stay in season.

Two that I've been looking at from epicurious are:

Mangoes Flambe


California Gingered Fruit Salsa Sundaes (basically raspberries crushed in sugar with mango, chrystalized ginger, strawberries, pineapple and balsamic over good vanilla frozen yogurt).

Other suggestions?

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  1. Something that might be less labor intensive but still good...fresh cut fruits (melons and berries especially) with a simple ginger/mint syrup drizzled over.

    1. Trifle - cut up angel food/pound cake, throw in some whipped cream & fruit, done!

      1. Another idea....If peaches are good- peach halves with a dollop of sweetened ricotta and topped with crumbled amaretti cookies.

        1. a shortcake of sorts - whatever fruits look good and a biscuit-y bottom. whipped cream. easy. could probably bake drop biscuits from bisquick or some other type mix (since all you add is milk) - and i would sprinkle tops with granulated sugar pre baking - once you got there if you asked in advance since your dish comes last.

          1. Thanks for these great ideas! I bought a bunch of ripe juicy fruit, and served it over honey and dried coconut sweetened fresh ricotta which I whipped up with vanilla extract, golden raisins and cacao nibs. holy guacamole it was good.