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Jul 19, 2007 07:36 AM

Fresh Market

Anyone tried the new Fresh Market store that opened yesterday in Randallstown?

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  1. There's one in Randallstown, also? I heard and read several things yesterday about a Fresh Market opening in the Quarry Lake development off of Greenspring Ave., but didn't hear anything about Randallstown.

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    1. re: Hal Laurent

      You are right...I saw a map that showed it was near Randallstown, but as I am pretty new to the it wrong. Sorry!

    2. I went last night. It's kinda like a mini-Wegmans. The meat counter looks fantastic! So do the prepared desserts! There is a bulk section (spices, granola, nuts and a little bit of candy). Nice fruit section (I bought some mango nectarines after tasting one). Also got some sandwiches for dinner from the prepared food section. Was decent, some of the sides looked great and might go back. It's kinda small, a bit pricy and only open until 9 but its nice to have.

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      1. re: jes

        I went last night.

        I thought the prices, while higher than a suburban supermarket where better than Whole Foods, Graul's and Eddies. I also liked the layout of the store over Baltimore's other upscale grocery stores.

        I found the prepared foods to be very good. I had ribs, edamane and corn salad and spinch dip. I thought ribs were moist, the edamane salad was flavorful and crisp and the spinich dip was verry fresh tasting.

        Even though Whole Foods, Eddie's and Graul's are closer to my home, I think I'll drive over on a regular basis.

        I think Whole Food's prepared foods have been lacking for a while. Too often I've had chicken salad loaded with bones, salads that seem soggy, and that hot food bar is really nasty looking on most days. And even though I believe in organic foods, I really don't care much for the hippy/liberal vibe of Whole Foods. That place just feels preachy.

        As for Eddie's and Graul's, I can't understand why they close at 7 pm. Their hours might be fine if I didn't work or if I had a maid to do my shopping, but since I have neither of those options it is a hassle to do my shopping on their schedule.