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Jul 19, 2007 07:06 AM

Asters in Pittsfield?

Has anyone been to Asters in Pittsfield recently? I have read that there are only three good places in Pittsfield, and it is one of them. Thanks.

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  1. We ate at Asters a couple of weeks ago and had a very good meal. Honestly, I can't tell you a time when we've left the restaurant disappointed. My daughter and future son-in-law are having their wedding reception there in August. They like it that much. Enjoy!

    1. I ate there in november of 2007 and had one of the best meals in my life there. I have dined in many great restuarants but this is one of the best. Just so you know the executive chef is Ron Reda he was bill clinton's personal chef while in the white house, so that has to say something in its own right.

      1. I have been to Spice on North Street in Pittsfield several times and really enjoyed the experience. Food, ambience and service were excellent. There's also a small tapas/small plate restaurant on West Street across from the main Pittsfield hotel that has gotten good reviews here....

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          To make it easier --- the place is BRIX Wine Bar, and I've heard really good things about it. Soon as I get my act together, I'll be there.

        2. Our experience 2 summers ago while in the area was terrible. In fact, I'm stunned by the positive posts. I still remember some of the problems; it was that bad! From the raw bar, past their prime oysters on the half shell and shrimp that were were warm. @ 7 pm on a Saturday night. Shouldn't these have been chilling a while? Hubby's prime rib was like one of those discount specials. I had the NY strip. Cooked right, but tough and chewy. Poor service. All the food piled on the table at once. And Expensive! With wine, @ $160-180 for a lousy meal.

          Brix Wine Bar is great. Great people, great service, great atmosphere great food. Desserts are amazing. And we had lunch today Beer Works on Depot street and thought it was very good pub food and awesome service.