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Jul 19, 2007 06:21 AM

Dinner after Cirque du Soleil...Port Lands on Cherry Street

Any good chow worthy restaurants in the area.

We love all food, as long as it is good!

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Are you driving or on foot? I would recommend trying some of the spots in Leslieville as you aren't too far from that part of the city.

    A few reviews have come up for Citizen.

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    1. re: Zengarden

      You're pretty close to the Distillery district...

    2. Weezie's at King East and Power (just east of Parliament) is a great little bistro, and something of a well-kept secret in my opinion. It's a small menu, but the food lovingly cooked, and it has a nice cozy atmosphere.

      354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

      1. Weezies is a great choice - and a very short drive from the wasteland from which you will be emerging :) really reasonable prices.

        1. If you're driving, or even if you have a TTC day pass, I recommend Oja Noodle House, at 689 Yonge St, just south of Bloor at Hayden. Amazing variety of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, at very reasonable prices. Or if it's too busy, the Spring Roll is right next door.

          Just stay away from the strip clubs. =)

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            Personally I find springrolls boring and overly north americanized version of asian food.

            i went to oja last week and there were flies everywhere. bowls of kimichi were out near the kitchen and there were flies all around them. the toilet didnt flush and the taps in the bathroom didnt turn on. when i told the waitress about this she nodded like it was a regular-on going problem and told me to wash my hands in the sink near the cash area. and the food was just alright. unfortunatly i had finished eating before i went upstairs to use the bathroom and saw all the bugs. ick. i really wanted to like this place too.

          2. What about menus that are teen friendly? We will have transportation. We may resort back to Frankie Tomatto's to keep the kids happy.

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              Fusilli is still closed this weekend. The reno's have gone well over the expected time. I'm waiting not so patiently. The SECOND Giuseppe reopens his doors I want to be the first in line. Hopefully within a few days.

              If your teens love a good burger, there's none better in this neck of the woods than Weezie's. They also serve much in the way of comfort food such as mac & cheese so there are definitely teen-friendly items. The staff & pricing at Weezie's are also very friendly. It's a casual place so no special attire required.