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Jul 19, 2007 06:15 AM

Harvest tonight

We're going to Harvest tonight to celebrate the BF's birthday. I've never been before--any suggestions?

Also, is there a place in Harvard Square for an especially good pre-meal cocktail? The last time I spent significant amounts of time in Harvard Square was before I was of legal drinking age--and that's been quite a few years! If there's nothing special we'll probably skip it but I thought I'd check.

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  1. harvest is great.
    for pre-meal cocktails Noir in the Charles Hotel is a nice place. i also like to go to the bar at upstairs on the square. even though the food isn't remarkable I think the space is one of the most unique in boston and is a blast to have a drink in. i always feel like i'm inside Alice in Wonderland when I'm there.

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    1. re: cambridgeMike

      i was thinking about Upstairs on the Square...
      any favorite dishes at Harvest?

      1. re: alyssap99

        I am not a big liver fan, but their fried liver app is really great. Salads are always top-notch and their side orders of veggies are really fantastic, too.

        I mostly eat in the bar (charcuterie plate, french lentils w/ sausage) so I don't have any recent experience with their dining room menu, but I've always been pleased with my meals.

        Another vote for cocktails at Upstairs on the Square - great bartending there.

    2. I think the downstairs lounge at Om might be a fun place for you to check out. (has sound).