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Jul 19, 2007 05:48 AM

Good Kosher Dairy Place Williamsburgh or Downtown-ish Manhattan for Dinner?

Seems that there are very few options around- trying to avoid midtown due to the steam pipe explosion. Any suggestions for my date tonight? Thanks!!

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  1. Caravan of Dreams is awesome. Way downtown.

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    1. re: LoveKosherEats

      Thanks! Unfortunately, the supervision isn't acceptable for me, but I appreciate the suggestion!

    2. What do you mean by downtownish? Most places with a cool vibe aren't under the supervision of large agencies. But how about trying Cafe W in Williamsburg? They are only open until 6, though, but they are online at The address is 45 Lee Avenue and are Cholov Yisroel (I don;t know the hashgacha- maybe Hisachdus Ha Rabbonim)

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      1. re: DSCHWARTZ

        Pretty much anything 30's and below. Cafe W would have been perfect, but I already noticed they close early- my date is at 7:30 :) Maybe I'll head to Brooklyn, as those places stay open late! Thanks for your help.