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Jul 19, 2007 05:06 AM

Great meal at (the unjustly ragged on) Sonsie

I know there are only about 3 other people here who share my fondness for Sonsie on Newbury St. and the rest write off my ramblings cuz I like it so much. But I've had great meals all but one time (and that one meal was still okay). I hadn't been there in 2 years and tend to go with this same friend. We didn't bother making a reservation and it actually worked out better cuz we got the corner seats which I've requested before and it never quite worked out. About 2/3 full at 7:30 on a Wed. but still very loud. Very interesting cocktail menu, I went with something different that had cucumbers in it, some lime and ginger ale I think. Unfortunately, it didn't come in a pretty glass but I made do, B. got a sidecar. It was really hard to decide on an appetizer, they had a white pizza w/ grilled corn and smoked bacon that was calling my name. But they were featuring apps with tomatoes so we picked the steak bruschetta w/ fresh moz. and tom. It was very good, steak was tasty and done great, good olive oil, but smaller than I thought it would be. Entrees all sounded good and except for 3 meat dishes, all $24 and below. I went with the fish and chips which was a mahi mahi coated in panko crumbs with a couple shrimp, homemade potato chips, a little bit of leek, a soy type sauce and around the plate was a spicy remoulade which was great. Good, but I had plate envy cuz he chose the bluefish w/ bacon wrapped scallops and mashed. The bluefish was grilled perfectly, scallops were tasty, very good. We also got a side of garlic spinach ($4, a bargain these days), another sidecar and I got a pinot grigio that I allowed him to upsell me on. And it did seem to have a little more oomph than most. There was a nice lemon sounding dessert but we both love the chocolate bread pudding so stuck with their signature dish. The girls at the hostess station were very nice, service was friendly and knowledgeable but he did try to grab out plates away from us a little too quickly a couple times. $119 before tip and a great time.

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  1. Thanks, Joanie. I am perhaps a 4th person who agrees that Sonsie gets a bad rap. I have always been particularly impressed with the high level of professionalism with the host/hostess, and waitstaff to a lesser extent.

    1. Joanie, I have also found the food at Sonsie to be reliably good. I've heard several other chefs sing the praises of Bill Poirier, who I believe cooked at Seasons under Lydia Shire and Jasper White. I do find the scene at Sonsie to be distracting, and the waitstaff to occasionally be preoccupied with things other than service, but I've always enjoyed the food.

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          i knew garlic breath agreed, so we've got our three people. I *will* make sure to get back fairly soon for that pizza and the pineapple infused vodka. Or the cornmeal shrimp & tomato appetizer. They've got one of those annoying sites with no prices, but a relative bargain these days.

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            Oh Joanie, you have to get the bacon/corn pizza. We went in for drinks a week or so ago and ended up sharing it. Between the crispy, tasty pizza and a few gin and tonics, it was a perfect light summer dinner!!

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        1. I lived at the Charles White apartments for a few years, and Sonsie was literally 'out my back door.' I have got to say that I never had a bad meal there. Throughout the 90s when I was single, it was our regular hang out - anytime there was an occasion (b-day, etc.) we would pile in to Sonsie for a big group dinner and socializing afterward. The food was always excellent. These days I am more likely to drop in after going to the salon or for brunch on weekends, and so I am more likely just noshing on pizza with a glass of wine or a mimosa. But it is all still very good. I think the spring rolls are excellent. And lastly, I still can't get out of my head a pasta dish I had a while back that was beet ravioli with a butter lemon sauce. So good. So, I too am a Sonsie fan, Let's put it this way: if it were ever to close, I would shed a nostalgic tear and miss it greatly.

          1. I like Sonsie to Joanie. Great neighborhood hangout in Back Bay and I've never had a bad meal there. I've always been treated well too.