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Jul 18, 2007 11:05 PM

Westside Chinese

I'm looking for decent Chinese takeout in the Mar Vista-Palms area. Hu's used to be good, but I think it's gone downhill. Any ideas?

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  1. We used to be die-hards of Hop Woo on Olympic and Sepulveda, but we've been going alot to Lin's on Pico just east of Barrington as of late... Hop Woo is about as good as we've gotten for Cantonese in the Westside, but we've found Lin's to prepare food that is lighter on the oil and salt in general. Some folks compare it favorably with NY-style Chinese - I don't know since I've never had NY Chinese, but we found it to be pretty decent. Try their Shanhai-style rice cakes...

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      Whatever you do please stay far, far away from Hop Li on Santa Monica near Armacost (just west of Bundy). This used to be J&R Seafood, which was okay, not wonderful. Hop Li took it over and it's just awful food. In fact since my last meal there (a group meal that I catered for a board meeting) I haven't been able to look at another Chinese meal. The food was poorly prepared, incorrectly seasoned and just plain wrong!

    2. Hop Woo is probably your best bet, but Little Hong Kong Cafe is another decent option. VIP is not anywhere near authentic but it's more edible than Hop Li IMO.

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        We tried to go to LHK Cafe last night and it turned out they are undergoing renovations and, according to the sign on their door, will be closed until mid-August.

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          For takeout only, there's a pretty good little place called (I think) Shanghai Walk on Palms at Sepulveda. It's in a tiny strip mall next to a Wells Fargo branch. It's right in your neighborhood. Other than that, Lins and Hop Woo are the best bets.

          There's also a little, grungy looking place on the north side of Venice just West of Centinela called Canton Kitchen. I've never eaten their food, but people say it's good.

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            Avoid Canton Kitchen at all costs! I wanted to like it, but it was horrible. Gloppy, tasteless sauces and low-quality, gristly meat and chicken.

            I have also heard good things about Shanghai Walk (Wok?) near Sepulveda and Palms, but don't mistake it for the steamtable place next to the wonderful Royal Donuts in the strip mall right on the corner. This is one stripmall to the east.

            I like Hu's, but I've learned to be very careful about what I order. Really enjoy their simple Chinese chicken salad they serve with some of the lunch specials, though their soup needs punching up with soy and hot chili oil. I like the twice-cooked pork (w/o tofu) and if I have someone to share with, the eggplant in garlic sauce (too one-note and oily on its own), Sweet and sour is way too overbattered, but their kung pao shrimp is good.

            I like Cheng Du (formerly Chung King) on Pico between Gateway and Barrington but mostly for their superior hot'n'sour soup and ONLY for their lunch specials -- their noodles in spicy beef broth is also good.

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              Avoid the Westwood Bl. branch of Cheng Du at all costs. Simply awful, and I should have known given I was the only Asian in the place (and that's counting both the servers and cooks).

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            there was a fire at little hong kong cafe a lil bit ago....hence the renovations.

        2. Chang's is by far the best of the Chinese places I've tried on the west side. It's thoroughly Americanized but still quite tasty. They actually care about their produce, which shows in the veggie dishes.