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Jul 18, 2007 10:55 PM

Canmore Brunch suggestions?

It's been awhile since I've gone for brunch in Canmore. My family will be heading that way soon.

Is there anything new I should be experiencing? I liked Quarry the last time I went many moons ago.

Is Crazyweed moved yet? Are they open for brunch now?

And does the Gourmet Croissant open on Sundays?

Willing to try anything new (or a good eggs benny...)


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  1. Quarry is still very good. If you want to make the trip to Banff, Fuze now does Sunday brunch. If you go I recommend the eggs benny (best hollandaise ever) and the smoked salmon with potato latkes.

    1. We've had good brunches at Chez Francois. They have eggs benny, my husband is a fanatic and likes their version. I've never seen him REALLY excited about a hollandaise outside of home so 'like' isn't quite the putdown it sometimes is.

      Also Nakoda Lodge does a decent representation of the huge brunch buffet genre and the drive out 1A is a nice change.