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Jul 18, 2007 10:49 PM

soon to be overtaken by blackberries... ideas/recipes?

I'm already thinking of:
blackberry ice cream and sorbet
blackberry ginger/lemon sauce
blackberry vanilla crisp or tart

Looking for clever ideas and especially recipes for salad dressings, meat marinades, and more...


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  1. Jam

    I loves me some blackberry jam...

    Blackberries are illegal here. Considered floral vermin. If you do find a stand, you can't be sure that the local council hasn't sprayed 'em, so long gone are the days of my youth where we'd all go out and harvest them from the bush, take 'em home and Grandma would turn them into jam.

    **nostalgic sigh**

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    1. re: purple goddess

      Where abouts do you live? there should be a law against that. I have some frozen
      blackberries and blue berries that I am going to make some jam out of them. I have
      not heard of such a thing. I use to do the same thing when I was a kid, come home
      with a bucket full of blackberries and mother would make a blackberry cobbler.
      It was one of my dad`s favorites. we would have blackberry stain all over our faces.
      those were the days. thanks for the memories.....

      1. re: purple goddess

        I, too, find it really strange that a municipality would outlaw blackberries. Am keeping an eye on the ones in the Bois de Vincennes, which I usually make into "blackberry crisp" (topped with butter-sugar-flour and baked). I'm too lazy to make jam. A visiting worrier once told me you could get a bad disease from fox pee on the blackberries, but I must already be immune.

        1. re: purple goddess

          purple goddess, where are you? I know they can really get out of control but that sounds like crazy talk!

          I'm with Amanita, too lazy to make jam (though I love it!) and more likely to make a cobbler or crisp...

          any other ideas?

        2. I like to lightly puree the blackberries in a food processor, strain the seeds out, add a little sugar to taste, and add to a good-quality yogurt like Strauss. You can just swirl some through or mix it completely. You can do the same thing with frozen yogurt -- for that, I use the recipe from Cook's Illustrated 'Dessert Bible'.

          1. It's not clever at all, but what is wrong with taking a bunch of them and making a pie. Blackberries are just about the best thing that ever happened to pie, since the idea of the pie shell first come to be. A couple pints of blackberries, a little cornstarch, some sugar, mix together the sugar and starch, fold in the blackberries, pour the whole thing into a pie shell, back, and then you will have something heavenly.

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            1. re: Captain

              blackberry-apple pie is also very good.

            2. an over-abundance of blackberries, wow! just about the best thing to have. things I would make:
              blackberry panna cotta (very simple just cream and gelatin)
              blackberry clafoutis
              blackberry and apple pie or as a fruit fritter
              blackberries with sugar and fresh cream
              blackberry pancakes (probably sliced in half)

              1. I make small cobblers or crisps in the small loaf pan enough for two. I like blackberry and peach, or just blackberry. I make them and freeze them raw, and I have fresh cobblers all year long. Always something on hand, also give as gifts throughout the year.